Lifelong Worrier

I’ve been told I worry too much.

But as a Mom, aren’t I supposed to worry? How can I not worry? Each stage of life brings on new worries and I think the worrying will never stop. Ever. In fact, I think that once you become a mom, you become a lifelong worrier.

While pregnant, I worry about:
Eating the right foods
Making sure I take my prenatal vitamins
Whether or not the baby is moving enough
The heartbeat being loud enough
The baby growing on track
The shower being too hot
Certain cheeses and fish being safe to consume or not
Making sure I drink enough water
The baby being healthy
Having enough amniotic fluid
The baby having all its parts

Once born, I worry if Baby…
Is breathing
Is getting enough milk
Is going to suffocate
Is pooping enough
Is gaining adequate weight
Is sneezing too much
Is too hot or too cold
Is rolling over/ sitting up/crawiling/walking “on time.”
Is eating the right foods
Is in pain due to cutting teeth
Is going to ever say Mama
Is going to get hurt on sharp corners

Having a toddler, I worry about…
Proper nutrition
Teaching the difference between right and wrong
Potty training
Big girl beds
Slivers/skinned knees/fat lips/bruises
Falling off of everything
Knowing numbers/colors/animals/vehicles
Embarrassing tantrums

Bit the dust

Having a  toddler AND a baby, I worry about…
Spending enough time with each child
Making sure the bigger one doesn’t smush the smaller one
The baby finding The Toddler’s toys and choking
Not being able to be there when they both need me
Each one feeling special and loved
Making sure to keep up on The Baby’s keepsakes as done for The Toddler
Teaching to share
Trying my best to ensure happiness

I am almost certain the worrying will never stop as each child grows; the reasons for worrying will just keep changing.

And I’m okay with that.

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