Halloween Costumes and My Babes= Mommy Heaven

For Halloween this year I wanted the kids’ costumes to coordinate since I really don’t think I have many years that I can get away with such a thing.
So what seemed JUST PERFECT for our little family???
Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

Her best “cheeeeeeeeese” face.

“You take pictures of me, I take pictures of you!”

Sooo excited for her Halloween party at preschool this morning!

Baby Bear!

Just so innocent. :)

“Twix, anyone?”

“A Snickers is more my thing.”

“Buuuuut, M&Ms are tasty too!”

“Oh forget it, I want it all!”

“Ughhh candy comatose…”

Goldilocks and her Baby Bear

“Seriously, Mom??”

“Yeah, yeah, we’re cute. Are you done?”

Loving her Baby Bear. Always.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Were you wondering about Mama Bear and Papa Bear? Hmmm…… :)


Goldilocks and Her Three Bears!

Papa Bear, Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Goldilocks. :)

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