Boy or Girl!? A Vintage-Inspired Baby Gender Revelation!

This past summer I found out one of my good friends is pregnant. The news brought tears to my eyes and an obnoxious “AHHHHHHHH! OMG OMG OMG!!!” from my mouth.  It was no shock to anyone around me that I was excited by the news.
What was even more exciting was being able to take part in the planning for their big gender reveal.
The couple went to their twenty-week ultrasound and turned their heads when the technician determined the sex of the baby. The technician then put the picture of the baby in a sealed envelope, and that envelope was given to me within the hour.
Did I mention I had this envelope for over TWO WEEKS before the actual party!? TORTURE!
 I chose not to look in the envelope until the night before the party for fear of accidentally “slipping” when I saw my friend. It kind of felt powerful having the answer to a secret so many people anticipated!
Another friend and I created this gender revelation box for the big moment, hoping to capture her vintage and shabby chic style.
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Excited to find out!?

So, so, so, so happy!!!


  1. YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How did you make this box look like this. My best friend has given me the same opportunity and I would love to paint the box to look vintage!

    • Hello!! So, We got a squirt bottle and filled with water. Then, sprayed down the box in sections. Once damp, you could peel back the outer layer of the box to show the ridge layer. Once he outer layer was all off and it was dry, we then painted it!


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