15 Ways to Annoy Your Husband

1.) Eat ALL of the cookies you made only a couple days earlier and embarrassingly shrug when he asks where they are.

2.) Heavily sigh over and over when stuck on a computer issue until helped.

3.) Put raw chicken scraps down the disposal, therefore clogging it.

4.) Forget where you put your phone as you are leaving the house….again.

5.) Shrink his new sweater by drying it instead of hanging it up.

6.) Clog the shower drain with your hair

7.) Buy only milk and Crystal Lite packets for drinks in the house, seemingly always forgetting the desired sports drinks and beer.

8.) Eat all of the goodies out of the ice cream pint, leaving him with plain vanilla.

9.) Wear his socks every time you go for a jog so when he goes to grab a pair for himself, all of his favorites are in the laundry basket and he is left with a mismatched pair. Or none at all.
10.) Wake him up from a dead sleep on the couch to see if he wants to go to bed

11.) Put away his now gray clothing as you also put away the black socks that somehow ended up in the whites basket.

12.) Encourage your Hubby to order the juiciest burger at a restaurant, with fries, and then order a nice light wrap or salad. Then have a couple of satisfying bites of his burger and fries, and continue on with your nice and light lunch, not feeling guilty at all.

13.) When traveling, use his toothbrush if you’ve forgotten yours.

14.) Warm your ice-cold feet up on his nice and warm legs under the covers.

Okay, I could only think of fourteen. I should have just asked The Hubby and the list probably would have jumped to twenty.

One of the many reasons I married my husband is because of his ability to make me laugh. Humor often surrounds our home and to be able to poke fun at one another, or joke around when the other does something frustrating or annoying, helps keep our relationship light and fun.

What are some things on your list?

Happy Thursday!

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