What Went Down Wednesday: Dog Food, Diarrhea and Dragons. Oh My!

Prepare yourselves, this is a bit of a long look inside a day-in-the-life. If you get to the end, I applaud you and we should be friends, if not already.
3:30 am- Alarm wakes me up to pump. Check e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with one eye closed.
6:45- Cal wakes up, I nurse him and change his diaper. I then put him in the jumperoo while I unload the dishwasher.
7:28- Make our bed.
7:32- Hop in the shower. Decide to go day number three without washing hair. Cal hangs in pink bouncy chair and plays with a doll. Hmm, sorry, buddy.

7:36- Cal begins to whine, so out of the shower I go. A little wild dancing to buy a few minutes while I get dressed and I then Bjorn Cal. I decided on gym shorts, a t-shirt and my Nikes. I figure I’d throw my hair up since I didn’t wash it (again) and go for that “just left the gym and didn’t have time to get ready which is why I am wearing gym clothes” look.

7:41- Gwyn wakes up and gathers every item in her bed to take out.

Change Gwyn’s diaper, get her dressed and during this I am told “don’t talk, Mama.” So I zip it.

Gwyn doesn’t want a hair clip in her hair, so she bolts to Calvin’s room.

Then runs back repeatedly telling me “No clip!!!”

And then runs back and drops to the floor.

7:55- Finish getting myself ready while Gwyn eats breakfast; a banana and zucchini oat muffin.

8:10- Feed Cal breakfast, as well as eat my daily oatmeal.

8:20- Gwynnie Skypes with Grandma and plays “hiding” while I finish feeding Cal.

8:25- Hubby comes home from the gym, so I decide last minute to go for a quick jog (hey! I’m actually NOT a phony!) and I see this old man, fully dressed and in a top hat, going for his morning walk. He is out there every morning, in a similar outfit every time, getting that heart pumping. I enjoy seeing him.

8:42- Get home and take Gwyn to preschool. Says her goodbyes to Daddy and Cal.

8:47- The benefits of living in a small town…make it to preschool with plenty of time to spare.

8:52- Back home and do breakfast dishes.
9:00- Change Cal’s diaper and put down for nap.
9:10- Start scouring the internet for dinner ideas and put together my weekly shopping list. The Hubby also comes out of the room to show me HIS new socks that I am NOT supposed to wear.

And if I get confused while doing the laundry, don’t worry, I can find the coordinating letters to match them up correctly. How thoughtful of him to think of me while purchasing these socks…. Lucky me!

Back to Pinterest, and before I know it I am mesmerized by Fall decor, baked goods and all things baby.
10:42- Cal wakes, I nurse him, change his diaper and then get him dressed.

11:00- Head to the grocery store and realize I left my grocery list at home. Curse at myself in the parking lot before heading in to “wing it”. Bump into a friend toting her twinsies around with TWO carts and I bow down.

Mad dash around the store as time is getting tight and I need to pick up Gwyn soon. While checking out, the 50 pound bag of dog food hanging over my cart busts a leak. Not a leak, more like a flood. I cover the gaping hole with my hands while food continues to pour out as the cashier finally realizes what is going on and rushes over, calling for backup. We both stop the food from continuing to spill as the manager tapes up the ripped seam in the bag. Half of the bag is now on the floor. He then has the nerve to ask me, “Do you want ME to go get you another one?” And I wanted to reply with, “No, why don’t I get out of line, go get another cart, trek to the back of the store with the baby still strapped to my chest who is now starting to whine, hoist another 50 pound bag over the cart while trying not to squish my son, squeeze back to the front of the line while fellow shoppers give me the stank eye, all while you wait for me, here.” But instead, I replied, “That would be great.”

This is AFTER the majority of the mess was cleaned up. Guess they missed a few.

12:10-Home now and Cal is actually calm, so I think I can just give him an icey chew thing, keeping him in his carseat while I unload the car and put the refrigerator items away before heading back out the door to pick up Gwyn.

Well that lasts all of three minutes, so I take him out, strap him in the Bjorn, put necessary items in the fridge, pack him back in the carseat, which pisses him off, and back out the door we go.

12:25- Make it to preschool with a few minutes to spare, pick up Gwyn while getting the lowdown for the day, in which I am informed that today she really loved circle time and that she is really doing well, participating in all activities and is opening up to everyone there. Hooray! And on the way home Gwyn yells from the backseat, “It’s Monday!” in which I excitedly confirm that it is in fact, Monday, again proud that she learned something new.

12:35 Cal is about to lose it, so I feed him lunch a midst all the groceries.

He clearly doesn’t like peas.

Gwyn and I put groceries away.

I repeatedly ask Gwyn to stop biting all of the produce. She attacks two apples, a tomato and tried an avocado, but failed. Ha!

12:40- Change Gwyn’s diaper then put on an episode of Caillou while I finish putting things away with Cal playing on his floor mat. Find grocery list and look over, realizing I only forgot one item on the whole 24 item list, that of which I’ve already got! Pretty good!! Pat self on back.

12:45-Put dinner together.

12:48- Done with dinner….. seriously? Pff. I’m hopeful it turns out. Three ingredients the recipe says. Four pieces of frozen chicken, pineapple chunks and Hawaiian BBQ sauce in the crockpot on low for 4-6 hours That’s IT. Recipe here.

12:50- Change Cal’s poopy diaper.
1:00-1:15- Play with phone and take videos with Gwyn.
1:15- Put Gwyn down for a nap. She’s not happy. Put Cal down for a nap too.
1:22- Gwyn yells, “Baby, Baby!!” Baaaaaaaaaaaby, Mama!!!” So I go in her room, pick up her baby doll off the floor and lay her back down for her nap, tucking she and the baby doll in. As I leave the room, she yells, “PEE PEE, Mama! I have to pee pee!” So. I go back in, take her to the potty and she sits on it, giggling while I stand in the corner to give her “privacy” while she tells me to stay in “time out.”
1:30- No pee pee, so I take Gwyn off the pot, and put her back to bed. As I leave she yells, “Tummy hurts! Covers!” reaching for anything to bring me back in there.
1:40- “Poo Poo! Mama, Poo poo!!” Trying not to fall for her tricks, I consider everything she’s said and go in there, and she does in fact have a poo. So, a quick change and she’s back in bed.
2:00- Cal wakes. I wait a bit to see if he will put himself back to sleep like he normally does, but he just gets more and more upset, so I get him and nurse.
2:20-2:45- Cal screams at me. I don’t know what is wrong. I try walking around, rocking, shushing, nursing more, everything. He finally all of the sudden stops and just smiles at me.
Little turd.

I know if he doesn’t sleep a little longer it will be a looooong evening, so I put him in the swing, and within minutes he is back asleep.

3:00- Wrap up a gift to be mailed out and am embarrassed by my gift wrapping. Ha. Oh well. It’s the thought that counts, right?

3:05- Exhausted, I lie down on the couch and shut my eyes.
3:10- Gwyn wakes up. UUuuuuugh.  I get up,  go get her and turn on a cartoon while we snuggle together and watch.

3:30- Cal wakes up but just chills in swing while Gwyn and I play “dragon hunting” around the house. This consists of searching rooms for dragons, tip-toeing around and then running away screaming once they’re found.

4:15- Gwyn has a diarrhea doo doo that gets on her clothing as I change her. Awesome. Once everything is cleaned, she bolts.

4:30- Put away laundry while Gwyn colors and makes faces at me.

4:45- Cal learns how to blog.

And we then play on the floor for a while.

Gwyn makes farty sounds with her mouth.

Then plays with Cal.

5:00- Go on a wagon ride to get the mail.

Take a break to pick pretty flowers.

Knew I’d use that shot glass again someday…

5:25- Gwyn and I eat dinner.It actually didn’t turn out too bad. I will definitely make this again with how easy it was.

5:45- Feed Cal dinner. Finish eating myself.

6:00- Give Cal a bath in the sink. He’s clearly too big to be in the sink, but with Gwyn still eating it allows me to multitask. I then get him diapered and jammied.

6:30- Gwyn’s turn for a bath while Cal hangs in pink chair. Again.
6:45- New diaper and jammies on for Gwyn, followed by stories. Cal starts to fuss after the first book, so I walk him around while Gwyn continues to look at books.

7:00- Brush Gwyn’s teeth, look over and see Cal making his way  toward us. He was previously on the blanket. Sneaky little thing.

7:05- Put Gwyn to bed. She picks out a bedtime stuffed animal, I turn on the sound machine, sing her a song and then walk out.
Cal is really fussing now so I immediately warm his bottle and pace around the house as it warms, seemingly taking for-e-ver.
7:10- Has bottle.

7:20- Clip Cal’s nails, change his diaper and then put to bed.

7:30- Pound a handful of chocolate chips. Go through the mail.
7:45- Hubby comes home. We exchange daily stories while he eats dinner. He compliments dinner twice. Noted.
8:15-9:50- Blog/Pinterest/Look for hair color ideas, watch home shows on the DIY network with Hubby and eat an ice cream sammy.
9:50- Clean dinner dishes.
10:05- Pump.
10:30-Pick up house.
10:40- Get ready for bed and then play on phone.
11:00- Lights out. Goodnight.

Happy Wednesday! Is it Friday yet??


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