The County Fair and My Worst Nightmare. And Pie.

It’s “county fair season” here where I live, which means two weekends in a row of fairs, one in each of the towns that sandwich my own. I did not grow up around this kind of thing. Barnyard animals? I read about them in Charlotte’s Web and I sung about them in Old Macdonald. The only real experience I had with them was when I was eating them.
 Eew. I feel dirty even saying that now after petting such cute little lambs.
So, when I encountered my first fair three years ago upon moving here, I was pleasantly surprised. Cute animals, live music, judging of people’s talents and I even had my first Elephant Ear. (A cinnamon and sugar covered piece of flat fried dough, for all of you who were like my old self, clueless.)
Now that we have children I enjoy these fairs even more. Seeing the look on Gwyn’s face as she experiences it all is just absolutely joyful. (Cal just “hangs around” at this point, though I’m sure loves to look at new things too.)

Gwyn petted baby cows.

And The Hubby petted pig snouts. I thought that was gross.

They fed little lambs… Or are they sheep? Now I don’t know. What is the difference?

And the owner of one set of lamb/sheep took a liking to Gwyn, picked her right up and put her in the pen with them.

And gave her some food to feed them.

She was a little shy, but she did feed and pet them and she thought it was pretty cool that she got to be in there… after the fact.

She played her first carnival game…

And ate her first caramel apple. This was SooOoOoOOOo very much enjoyed. And sticky. But worth it.

Oh hey, Cal! You were there, too?

And as we were leaving a great afternoon at the fair, I saw my worst nightmare.

A girl in a cutoff belly-shirt surrounded by boys. So many things wrong with that picture!!!


So this coming weekend is fair number two and I decided to enter a baked good. A pie. Something I don’t bake often, but I had fun with it and have my fingers crossed!

My Caramel Apple Tree Apple Pie

Happy Thursday!

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