I Went Over to the Dark Side…

It had been over four months since I had gotten my hair cut. FOUR MONTHS! With straight, highlighted hair, that is just not okay!! My ends were horrendous and I can’t even get myself to talk about the growth. I mean, LOOK AT THAT!
But as a new mom of two, I just couldn’t find the time to get myself into the salon when planning around nursing schedules, nap times and “essential” errands. Pff, grocery store schmocery store. I hate that place anyway.
The ONLY reason I could show myself in public was that without really even trying, I was being “trendy.” Sortof. 
I couldn’t even bring myself to show my face.
A while back (the last time I got my hair done, actually, and the first time I left Cal) I mentioned something about Khloe Kardashian and how she needed to dye her hair as her growth was uncalled for with the amount of money she has. Well, I was informed that there is a new style trending called “ombre” where it is actually “in” to have this grown-out look. 

I then started noticing more and more celebs with this new “do” and came to the conclusion that some don’t look half bad with this ombre style, but I am NOT one of these lucky few that can skip the salon and get away with it.

Like these two ladies, for example.


This is how I feel with the ombre style.




So I finally said, “enough is enough!” and called my stylist three different times trying to schedule around my kiddo obligations, and alas, I was “in.”

And on a whim, the night before my appointment I decided that I needed a change as I didn’t know the next time I would be able to sit in that seat. Another four months? Longer? Oh please, no…

So I said goodbye to the nasty-nast roots…

And went over to the dark side!

And let me tell you, I feel ridiculous posting a “self-in-the-mirror” pic, but I stay at home with two babies all day. That’s all I’ve got, people! That’s all I’ve got!

And pose.

So hopefully becoming a brunette helps conceal any unwanted trendy hair styles in the future!

Happy Monday!!!


  1. looks great!!!

  2. Thanks, Harmony! :)

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