I Should Stick To Cake

Last week I mentioned that I was entering a pie into the fair. I knew I was up against some stiff competition, as those old ladies don’t mess around, but I thought it’d be fun nonetheless.
Caramel Apple Tree Apple Pie

So The Hubby and I took Gwyn on a “daughter date,” with Cal staying with Grammie and Poppie, and once again this little girl was beyond excited to be going to the fair.

Right when we got there a pink clown was performing a show for little kids, so we sat and watched a bit.

We then went around and looked at the animals, the pigs being Gwyn’s favorite. And this picture doesn’t even do this gigantor pig any justice. It was HEEEEUGE!

We then made our way over to the baked goods section of the fair to see how my pie did against all other goodies.

Here is one side of the baked goods table, and it wraps all the way around to the other side, all filled with breads, cakes, pies, cookies, candies, etc. As you can see, just about EVERY entry received a standard “blue” ribbon. A participation ribbon, if you will.

After doing a little bit of searching, we found my pie on the top table, almost singled out among the rest. And do you see those pink ribbons just below? Those mean “Best in Class,” which means they ranked at the very top in their class, whether it be pie, cookies, etc.


My pie? It got the EXACT opposite of the pink ribbon. It got a WHITE ribbon. And do you know what a white ribbon means? (I didn’t even know, as I’d never seen one before!) It means…… DEAD LAST!!! The ranking goes like this… BS, (Best in Show) BC, (Best in Class) Silver, Bronze, Blue (standard, everybody gets) Red and THEN white.

THERE WAS NOT ANOTHER SINGLE WHITE RIBBON IN THE WHOLE LOT! Out of ANY baked good! In FACT, the only other white ribbon out of ALL foods that we found was this puny zucchini!!

I baked the puny zucchini of pies! 

I seriously have no idea what happened. I either pissed someone off when dropping my goods off or I royally messed up and added a cup of cinnamon or something. Haha, I have no idea!!!

The Hubby and I were in a fit of giggles (he’ll hate me for saying that) were hysterically laughing at the comparison of the zucchini to my pie and while still in disbelief, decided to walk away with our heads held high and continue on with the fun at the fair.

So a balloon seemed like a fitting way to brighten our moods, as did an Indian Taco and Elephant Ear.

We then did a little bit of debating…

And then went on our very first carnival ride! She liked it for about three circles, then wanted to be held for the rest. :)

All in all, a very fun “Daughter Date”…

And I now have this beauty to add to my accomplishments. :)

Happy Tuesday!

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