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What Would YOU Do With….?? (Giveaway!!!)

How does free lunch with your special someone sound? Or how about a free date-night at the movies, popcorn  and soda included? Or how does a third-tank (depending on vehicle) of gas sound? Or a new shirt at the mall? (We’re not talking at the Gap here, maybe Forever 21.) What about five foot-long sandwiches […]

Homemade Playdough- Great Toddler/Young Child Activity!

Being kept indoors due to cold weather or napping little brothers isn’t always fun, so one afternoon Gwyn and I made Playdough. It was easier than I thought it would be, so I tried two different recipes to see if there was any difference. Both recipes came from this website, and one definitely worked better than the […]

A Week (or two) of Failures

I usually share recipes and activities that work well for our family. But, maybe we can learn a thing or two from my failures… what NOT to make, what NOT to do, what NOT to eat and so on. I worked at a restaurant back in college that served beet chips on one of their […]

New Blog Name & GIVEAWAY! Free Money, Honey!

When I originally began this blog, I thought I would predominantly write about my baking adventures with a little crafting and family life on the side. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell. It’s been a while now and it is clear that this is not a baking blog. It LOOKS like a baking blog. The name SOUNDS like a baking […]

I Went Over to the Dark Side…

It had been over four months since I had gotten my hair cut. FOUR MONTHS! With straight, highlighted hair, that is just not okay!! My ends were horrendous and I can’t even get myself to talk about the growth. I mean, LOOK AT THAT! But as a new mom of two, I just couldn’t find the time […]

Hubby’s Favorite Baked Salmon with a Devilishly Easy Chutney Salad

The Hubby recently brought back a plethora of salmon from Alaska and our freezer is now stocked. I am so unfamiliar with how to cook fish, but I found a recipe that is now a total keeper. The Hubby even said, “This is some of the best salmon I have ever had.” Now, I don’t […]

What Went Down Wednesday: Dog Food, Diarrhea and Dragons. Oh My!

Prepare yourselves, this is a bit of a long look inside a day-in-the-life. If you get to the end, I applaud you and we should be friends, if not already. 3:30 am- Alarm wakes me up to pump. Check e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with one eye closed. 6:45- Cal wakes up, I nurse him […]

I Should Stick To Cake

Last week I mentioned that I was entering a pie into the fair. I knew I was up against some stiff competition, as those old ladies don’t mess around, but I thought it’d be fun nonetheless. Caramel Apple Tree Apple Pie So The Hubby and I took Gwyn on a “daughter date,” with Cal staying […]

I’m Beginning To Hate Marshmallows.

I think I am beginning to hate marshmallows. As an incentive for Gwyn to use the potty, I filled a pretty little jar with those tiny, pastel, tempting, marshmallows that I just knew my toddler would oodle over. My own mom potty-trained me using these marshmallows and apparently it worked well. I mean, I’ve only […]

The County Fair and My Worst Nightmare. And Pie.

It’s “county fair season” here where I live, which means two weekends in a row of fairs, one in each of the towns that sandwich my own. I did not grow up around this kind of thing. Barnyard animals? I read about them in Charlotte’s Web and I sung about them in Old Macdonald. The […]