What Went Down Wednesday- Another Look Inside

2:30-3:00- Day begins with another pumping session. Play on phone during this time.
6:15- Hear Cal start to stir, look at phone to check time and am ecstatic that it is past 6:00. Joyfully go and feed him. He’s back down 10 mins later.
6:25- Crawl back into bed.
6:50- Gwyn is up. Change diaper. This is the face she makes when I tell her to close her eyes as I turn on the light. Believe it or not, she’s not crying…. that’s just how she closes her eyes. Haha!

Still closed.

And still closed.

6:55- Take Gwyn to our room for snuggles and silly faces.

7:00-The Hubby comes home from the gym and joins in on the silliness.
7:15-7:35- Go on a jog while The Hubby watches Gwyn and gets ready for work.

7:35-Come home to Gwyn playing in my jewelry.

7:40- Make breakfast. Cheerios and a banana for Gwyn…. oatmeal for myself.

7:50- Gwyn spills cereal down her shirt right as Cal wakes for the day. Quickly strip Gwyn of shirt, pour a new bowl of cereal, this time she wants Life, and fetch Cal from his room to nurse. The Hubby gives Gwyn some of his morning blueberry shake.

Which she mixes her cereal with.

8:00-8:15 Kiss The Hubby goodbye as I nurse Cal. Change Cal’s diaper. Finally eat oatmeal with Cal in Bjorn trying not to spill on him. Post blog and clean up Gwyn. Play with Cal a bit.

8:20- Empty dishwasher with Gwyn.

8:30-8:50 Get Gwyn dressed, hair in ponies, pick up her room, put spare change in special bank, and feed dogs.

8:55-9:20-Play with kitchen, shopping cart, and pipe cleaners. Cal hangs in Bjorn.

9:20-9:50- Gwyn and I sweep kitchen with Cal still in Bjorn. Vacuum the house while Gwyn hides in her room. She hates the vacuum. Dust while Gwyn plays with toys. Cal…. in Bjorn.


10:00-Change Cal’s diaper and put down for a nap.
10:05- Hop in the shower while Gwyn plays with makeup brushes in mirror. Constantly ask Gwyn where she is.
10:08- Gwyn reaches on bathroom counter and gets a hold of makeup-loose powder specifically. Knowing she can open this, I fly out of shower dripping wet with it still running and take powder away. Continue shower while she plays with brushes.
10:10- Finish shower, throw wet hair up and put on gym clothes. Gwyn finds The Hubby’s toothbrush and starts brushing her teeth with it. Asks for “Poo Paste Please, Mama!!!” Consider taking it away and then remember the messy blueberry shake he gave her this morning, which will probably result in a diarrhea diaper later. So, I pretend to give her “Poo Paste” and let her brush away.

She plays hide and seek with herself while I get ready.

10:15- Do makeup in bathroom. Gwyn finds “stickers!” leftover from the after-birth of Calvin in bathroom closet.

And puts them on mirror.

10:20-11:00 Marshmallow painting! Gwyn is stoked.

11:00- Friends come over to paint with us.

11:20-12:00 Play with toys. Gwyn and her friend continually want each other’s toys. Lots of “learn to share” phrases are expressed. Snack of oranges and granola bars.

12:00- Cal wakes. Since kids are getting restless, put on an episode of Dora the Explorer so I can nurse.
12:15-12:30 Say goodbye to friends, change Cal’s diaper and then prepare Gwyn’s lunch. Cheese and crackers, Greek yogurt and corn. Play with Cal.

12:40- Thaw out some chicken, eat some leftover dinner as well as Gwyn’s scraps. Clean up lunch.
12:45-1:15 Make granola bars.

1:15- While washing hands, Gwyn dumps water on stool and the floor, so she cleans it up. Well, most of it, and I finish the job.

1:20- Peel and boil sweet potatoes while Gwyn plays with kitchen and babies.
1:40- Gwyn’s first time with kiddie scissors. She is beyond excited. Says phrases like, “Never touch it!” referring to the sharp side, “Careful Mommy!” and “Just like Mommy!” while cutting.

1:50- Decide that’s been enough time for first encounter with scissors and Gwyn cries. And yells. And Cries.
1:55- Lure Gwyn into room to change diaper by changing baby’s diaper. Then change Gwyn’s diaper and put down for nap.
2:00 Change Cal. Floor mat play.

2:10- Cal poops. Change again.
2:15- Put Cal down for nap.
2:20- Turn on “I’m Having Their Baby,” research how to make Italian bread crumbs and blog.
3:05- Cal wakes up and nurse.
3:20- More floor play.
3:30-Prep chicken for dinner. Make bread crumbs.
3:50-Gwyn’s up. Cuddle.

4:00- Continue with dinner. Puree sweet potatoes, bread chicken and bake.
4:30 Change Cal. Lay on Cal’s rug to give back a break from Bjorn. Gwyn plays with stuffed animals and Cal feels rug. Gwyn insists on rubbing chalk (from Cal’s chalkboard) on my back and says, “Feel better, Mama?” and “Chalk help??” Tries rubbing chalk on Calvin.

4:50- Clean up kitchen while Gwyn plays in box and Cal hangs out on floor blanket.

5:00- Realize Cal has pooped. Chicken has three minutes left in the oven. Cal must wait.
5:05- Change Cal and put down for nap.
5:06- Quickly get Gwyn in bath as this is probably only opportunity.

5:13- Cal starts to fuss. Then starts to cry. Then starts to wail. My anxiety rises. Super wash Gwyn and get her out of there. Rapidly put diaper and jammies on and brush hair. Realize Cal is probably done with the evening nap for good.

5:20- Nurse Cal. Screaming stops. Whew.
5:40- Give Gwyn dinner. Chicken nuggets and pureed sweet potatoes. I snack on dinner too.

5:50-Cal hangs on floor and then gets fussy. Put in swing.

6:00- Make Cal’s rice cereal.
6:05- Do dishes. Cal falls asleep.

6:15- Read books with Gwyn. Rips flap off of book. Tape it back on.
6:30- Cal wakes.
6:40- Gwyn walks/jumps on couch and ottoman after repeatedly being told not to. Time out for two (ish) minutes. She cries.
6:45- Feed Cal rice cereal/sweet potatoes. Gwyn has meltdown because she can’t put her flip flops on. Try to help put flip flops on. Insists “My do it!” but then accepts help. Once they’re on, she takes them off and walks away.

6:50- The Hubby comes home. Thank you, Jesus. Takes Gwyn outside for a few minutes.
6:55- Hubby reads book to Gwyn and Cal.

7:00- Brush Gwyn’s teeth while Hubby entertains Cal. Answer Gwyn’s question, “Whacha doin’, Mommy!?” for the 387th tim.
7:05- Bedtime routine with Gwyn. Hugs and kisses for Daddy/Cal, sound machine on, star machine on, kisses/hugs, covers on, count stars, walk out.
7:10- Pick up around house while talking with Hubby about each other’s day.
7:20- Warm bottle for Cal and feed. Hubby eats dinner. Gags on pureed sweet potatoes. I laugh. I too gagged. Kindof gross that pureed. Play with Cal.

7:45- Do dishes.
7:55- Hubby changes Cal’s diaper, puts jammies on and puts to bed.
8:00-9:30- Blog and watch TV with Hubby. Land on Groundhog Day. Eat apple/pb and zucchini bread.
9:30- Pump.
10:00- Start dishwasher, last minute pickup around house, get ready for bed.
10:15- Play on phone in bed.
10:30-Lights out.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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