What Went Down Wednesday- A Look Inside A Typical Day

Ever wonder what a typical day looks like in the life of a SAHM and her two young kids?

Well, I’ll tell/show you.

2:30 am- The day begins with an alarm to wake up and pump. This allows me to stock pile some milk for when I need to be away from Cal.

3:00-3:30 Get a random bloody nose. Awesome.
5:50- Hear Cal start to yelp. Get up and go feed him, and he is back down by 6:05.
6:15- Hear Gwyn start to stir. Pray over and over that she goes back to sleep. She does.

Check out those bags.

7:10- Gwyn is up.
7:10-7:30-Change Gwyn’s diaper and take her to our room and record videos on phone and watch, cracking up.  Gwyn is the only one who can push the button, as I’m repeatedly told.
Get ready for a jog/walk.

7:35- Get Gwyn milk, play “Mommy and Daddy’s game,” and post blog for the day.

7:50- Make Gwyn breakfast while she pulls out various utensils from the utensil drawer, asking what each one is. Been trying to incorporate more veggies into Gwyn’s diet, so zucchini pancakes were on the menu.

Grated a cup of zucchini and made four pancakes, each with a quarter cup of zucchini in it. Also sliced up a banana and threw it in there too.

8:10- Cal wakes up before pancakes are done. Have to pull them a little early, quickly cut them up and tell Gwyn to blow on them as I walk down the hall to fetch Cal.

She loved them. Ate two. Awesome.

8:12-  Nurse Cal. Remember that second batch of pancakes are still on the stove, carry Cal over while still nursing, hoist leg up on counter to help support and flip pancakes. Continue to nurse.

8:30-8:55 Jog/walk. Two kids are heavy.

And I live around hills.

This one is killer.

9:00- Clean up breakfast with Cal strapped to chest in Bjorn. Unload dishwasher. Gwyn hands over the dishes and I put away (after all sharp and hazardous objects have been removed.)

9:10- Shower. Set Gwyn up on the couch to watch Caillou, a cartoon where she thinks Calvin looks like the main character. Take Calvin into the bathroom with me. Yes, he’s in a pink chair.

9:15- Cal starts to fuss. Out of shower, check on Gwyn and she’s right where I left her.

9:17- Crank up the tunes and try crazy dance moves to distract Cal while I scrunch my hair and get dressed. Works for a few minutes.

Then he’s pissed.

Gwyn joins me for “makeup time.” I strategically give her brushes and things she can’t spill.

And as a family, we do our makeup.

9:30-Make breakfast for myself. Oatmeal, as I’ve been told it helps with lactation. Every day, oatmeal.

9:35- Change Cal and put him down for a nap.
9:40- Actually eat breakfast.
9:42- Change Gwyn’s diaper, get her dressed, put hair in ponies, pack lunch, make our bed.
10:15- Tea party with Gwyn.

10:30- Snack time. Butternut squash muffin. She won’t share.

10:35- Cal is awake. Nurse and change his diaper.
10:50-Load up kids and essentials for the outing and head over to the Science Center. Somehow Gwyn got a hold of floss and undid it all on the ride over.
11:00- Play at Science Center. Tons of exploring, sensory activities, animals to look at, etc. Perfect for all ages. Except babies. They just hang from their mamas.

12:15- Cal starts to fuss and Gwyn throws her first public tantrum when I tell her it’s time to leave. Drops to the floor and whines. With Cal in Bjorn, I hoist her off the ground and onto my hip. Carry 50 pounds of kid to car and load up.
12:25- Eat packed lunch at home. Cheese, crackers, apples, and hummus for Gwyn, a chicken sandwich and granola bar for myself. Some Tummy Time for Cal.

12:30- Change Cal’s diaper.
12:35 Clean up lunch and play “Mommy and Daddy’s Game” again.

12:45- Put Cal down for a nap.
12:50-1:00 Gwyn finds spoons in the pantry and plays with them on kitchen floor while I bake cookies. Note to self- get childproof door handle covers to keep toddler out of pantry.

1:05-Bored of spoons, move on to sorting pasta. Repeatedly tell Gwyn not to eat raw pasta.

1:15- Bored of sorting, move onto gluing pasta.

1:30- Gwyn finds tape, takes it all out of dispenser right as I get another bloody nose. Damn dry heat!! Quickly put episode of Micky Mouse Club House on and tend to myself.
1:45- Change Gwyn’s diaper and put down for nap 10 minutes early, hoping to get a little alone time. Realize cookies are still in the oven. Now a little crispy.
1:52. Cal wakes up. So much for alone time. Nurse and change diaper.

2:10- Realize I never fed dogs. Feed dogs.
2:15-2:35- Floor mat playing with Cal.
2:40- Steam carrots for Cal. I normally don’t make all of our baby food, but this veggie kick has my fridge stocked.
2:50- Put Cal in Bjorn and do laundry, banking, puree carrots, wash spoons, and wrap up cookies knowing I need to get (most of) them out of the house or they will be demolished.
3:45-Gwyn wakes up and has a dry diaper, so I take her to the potty. She sits on it, and shortly after I bring Cal into the bathroom to sit with us, Gwyn folds in half, leaning her head toward the ground and breaks down into a hyperventilating cry. Not sure if she’s constipated or is upset that I brought Cal in. Try singing songs and reading books to calm her down. Doesn’t work. Now holding Cal in one arm and trying to prevent Gwyn from falling on her head off the potty with the other arm. Manage to put Cal down on the bathroom floor mat, scoop Gwyn into my arms, and she cries.  I hold her nakey buns and rock her. Ask Gwyn if her tummy/bum hurts and she replies “yes,” so I think she might be constipated and offer her grapes. We put a new diaper on, get grapes, and she is now fine. I therefore conclude she is upset about Cal intruding on our “after nap special time.”  Go and get Cal off bathroom floor mat. Sorry, buddy.

4:00- change Cal’s diaper and put him down for nap.
4:15- Color, play with stickers, look at flash cards and play with rings and babies.

5:00-Cal wakes up. Gwyn and I nurse our babies. Try to Google Chat (like Skype) with Hubby to keep Gwyn busy. Gwyn shuts computer, turning it off. Change Cal’s diaper.

5:20-Dinner time for Gwyn. Pizza, peas and yogurt. Actually Google Chat with Hubby. Pick up house and do dishes with Cal in Bjorn while Gwyn and The Hubby chat.

Gwyn and Daddy make faces at each other, cracking up.

6:00- Make myself an Eggo and egg sandwich.
6:10-Take a wagon walk to get the mail. Cal still in Bjorn.

6:20- Play in the backyard and water flowers.

6:40- Go inside, get Gwyn’s jammies on, change diaper and brush teeth.

6:50- Read books.

6:58- Close enough, take Gwyn to bed. Do the bedtime routine of turning on sound machine, turning on ladybug star machine, hugs and kisses, put covers on, start counting stars on ceiling and tell Gwyn to keep counting the stars as I walk out of the room.
7:05- Make Cal’s rice cereal and feed.

7:25- Give Cal nighttime bottle.

7:45- A little playtime with Mommy.

8:05- New diaper for Cal, jammies on, put in sleep sack, sound machine on and walk out. And yes, that is a pink polka-dot sheet. Bedding was part of the day’s laundry, so Cal got one of Gwyn’s spare sheets. Sorry, buddy.

8:15- Make popcorn and eat a cookie. Okay, two. Realize how much back hurts from Bjorn.
8:20-9:45- Trash TV (Nannies of Beverly Hills and Kardashians) and blogging.
9:45-10:10- Pump.
10:15-Pick up the house. Set out clothes and pack a snack for 9:00 am gymnastics in the morning.
10:25- Start dishwasher. Get ready for bed.
10:35- In bed. Play on phone.
10:45. Goodnight.

And there you have it. A no frills, typical day in our home.

I’m tired.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I’m tired just reading it. And realizing that your day sounds a lot like my days, too.


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