The Perfect Toddler/Young Child Gift

One of my favorite things to do is bake, and to be able to bake with my little buddy is pretty fun. Sure, it’s messier, takes longer, and not all ingredients always make it into the bowl, but in the end we both enjoy the time spent together. And the treat made, of course!

One of the best things The Hubby and I got for Gwyn is this Kids Kitchen Helper Safety Stool from One Step Ahead.. It doesn’t appear to be a thrilling gift at first glance, but once Gwyn understood how to use it, she was way excited. It allows Gwyn to be in on the action at counter height in a safe manner. Plus, then she’s not in the pantry flinging spoons or in the fridge throwing milk bombs as I described earlier this week. Oye!

In her special baking apron…

She goes to the corner, grabs her stool and pushes it across the kitchen to the counter.

Climbs on through…

And then I have one happy helper!

The sides prevent her from falling…

And the back slat of wood acts as a safety measure as well. It’s perfect! I’ve even put a blanket over the top while she’s sitting on the step part as she likes hiding in the “fort.”

So on to the fun part… the baking!

And once done with that, a little brother squeezing.
Save me!

The stool folds up when not in use for easy storage, too.

Now, it’s not exactly cheap. But, with all of the time spent in the kitchen we felt it was worth it and it has proven true thus far.
AND, I just so happened to get a catalogue in the mail yesterday, and there is a $20 off discount for orders of $100 or more going on right now. Just use discount code FALL20 at checkout. SWEET!

Ah! And I also just saw that they’re offering FREE shipping! Enter SHIP85 at checkout!

Happy Thursday!


  1. You are so patient…baking with my kids give me anxiety attacks!!! LOL, the stool is awesome though and it is so great she gets to spend that time with you!

    • She LOVES pouring things into the bowl! And if I toss over a chocolate chip or two to keep her from sticking her hand in the bowl, she is a happy camper. I have to constantly be on my feet, moving around because of Calvin so we’ve been in the kitchen a whole lot lately!

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