The First Day of Preschool-

Yesterday was Gwyn’s first day of preschool. We made it a special morning by picking out a special outfit, eating chocolate chip pancakes, and taking pictures to remember the day by.
Pretty excited!
Her pretty dress!

When asked, “Gwyn, what do you want to be when you grow up? Like, when you get to be a real big girl?” I am not quite sure she fully understood. So then I gave her a few examples like firefighter, painter, teacher, pilot… and then she immediately responded with “Teacher!”

To be sure, I waited a few minutes and  asked her again, “Gwyn. what do you want to be when you grow up?” and she replied, “Teacher! Just like Daddy!” which just about melted my heart and confirmed her answer. So it was then marked in the books. On her first day of preschool, this little lady would like to be a teacher when she grows up.

Her first school backpack.

Making sure Calvin and I are following her to the car.

“Come on, Mama!”

Entering the classroom. She was immediately welcomed by friends, which was reassuring to me and nice for her too.

I was definitely the only one there with a camera, so to spare Gwyn embarrassment I put it away after taking one last pic.Hanging her backpack on the hook.

As I told Gwyn I was leaving she hugged my legs. The nice teacher then took her hand, led her away and she didn’t look back.

When I picked her up she didn’t want to leave and dawdled, trying to prolong the process.  On the way home when I asked her about her day she talked about calendar, the slide, and clean up time.

Overall, I think she had a great day and I am happy to see her interacting with other kids, following instruction from someone other than family and learning along the way.

She’s growing up!

Saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun keepsake too.

Handprint the first day of school each year.

Here’s to many more first days!


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