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What Moms Do All Day

This picture and story explain a lot… I’m almost tempted to do this one day so The Hubby could see what would happen if I wasn’t constantly picking up/cleaning something…. hmmm…. No. Because after I would make my point, I’d have to clean it up. Ha! NO THANKS! Source A man came home from work […]

"One Decaf, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Soy, Blended Latte, Please…"

Hubby: “I’ll have a decaf, sugar-free vanilla, soy, blended latte.” Girl behind the counter overhearing order from man’s voice: “Really!?!?!?” Hubby: “Uhh, it’s for my wife.” A few minutes go by… Barista: “ONE DECAF, SUGAR-FREE VANILLA, SOY, BLENDED LATTE!!! Patrons: Looking around aimlessly for the culprit. Hubby: Walking up to the counter with diverted eyes… “……Thanks.” […]

(Older) Sibling Rivalry- I Need Four (Twelve) Arms.

It happened. The first big encounter where I couldn’t be there for both kiddos at the same time. When Gwyn gets up from her nap, she really likes to be cuddled and sit in my lap for a few minutes while she wakes up. She curls up in her blanket, nestles her little head into […]

Soft AND Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies- The Recipe for the Immediate Satisfaction

Ingredients: 2 sticks of butter (just slightly softened) 3/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup brown sugar  2 eggs 1.5 ts vanilla  2.5 cups flour 1 ts. baking soda (make sure your baking soda is new! Not older than 30 days.) 1 ts salt- (Plus extra for sprinkling on top of the dough if desired) 1 bag […]

Gwyn’s Birth Video Has Been Featured!

Gwyneth’s birth video has been featured on the blog, Birth Stories, that shares nothing but just that… birth stories! I am such a sucker for anything related to the birthing experience, so I found myself reading through several of the stories posted on her site before I decided to send her the link to Gwyn’s […]


Gwyneth was ready for solids by four months old. She was practically shoveling the food into her own mouth, so we thought we’d also try with Cal when he turned four months. So, on his “four month birthday” the mush was made up and this is how it went. Staring hard core. Taking a taste.. […]

HEALTHY and EASY Butternut Squash Muffins

I’m always trying to give veggies to my toddler, but they aren’t always gobbled up as I would hope. So, I’m trying to find ways that I can incorporate more veggies into foods she already enjoys.. like muffins! These butternut squash muffins are SO moist and are sweetened naturally! PLUS, they’re incredibly easy to make. And when […]

Anniversary Trip. Sleep Training. Swaddle Weaning. What Was I Saying?

We got home on Sunday evening from our anniversary trip, but it wasn’t a very “welcome home.” The Hubbs and I spent two nights in Lake Chelan, just enjoying uninterrupted time with each other. He and I.  Me and him. Just. us. Meaning, no kiddos! We didn’t have to live by feeding and nap time schedules, worry […]

Baby Cal Turns 4…. Months!

And smile. “Look at me! I could be in the Olympics with this form! “Haha.” “This is what I like to call my halfway sit.” “Gold medal? Shyeah, I thought so too!” Check out these rolls muscles! “Bahaha, too funny.” “I’m number one!” And pose. “You didn’t like that last smile, or what!?” “You did…. right???” “Gasp!” […]