Keeping in Touch- Perfect for the Out-of-Town Loved One or Grandparents!

Whenever The Hubby is out of town, we like to keep in touch using Google Chat. It’s similar to Skype except that it has a few neat features that are especially fun for kids. Who am I kidding!? They’re fun for adults too!
Our favorite option in Google Chat is the “Google Effects” option. You get a few pages of “props” to “dress up” in ranging from mustaches, beards and glasses to doggies, kitties and pirates.
The Hubby was out of town last week, so we used Google Chat as our primary source of communication. Gwyn got excited to see her Daddy on the computer screen and they even got to “play” together a little bit too. You can see which effects The Hubby and Gwyn chose during one particular chat session below.
Gwyn was a little weary about the “dressing up” at first and did not want to be a doggy, but soon warmed up to the idea.

She thought this one was pretty funny.

“I ‘mustache’ you a question, Daddy….”

And I LOVED her in a beard. Haha!

Baby Cal getting in some Daddy time.

She thought Daddy dressed as a pirate was pretty funny.

And she loved being a kitty.

Also, you can chat with more than one person at a time! I am not sure on the number of people who can chat at one time, but think of it as a video conference call!

All you need is a g-mail account. Then go to, sign in to your account in the upper right hand corner and you will then see your login name in the upper left hand corner with a little + next to it.

Click on that and you will then be in Google Chat!

So, next time you want to chat with a friend or loved one who is far away, or a few friends or loved ones… Google Chat! It’s fun!

Happy Friday! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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