Baby Cal Turns 5… Months!

Yesterday, Cal turned five months old.
I swear this kid is the smiliest baby I have ever seen. You glance at the kid and he will give you an ear-to-ear grin.

He is’ really starting to become a little person, discovering everything beautiful the world has to offer.

His nicknames right now are Cal, Cal Pal, Calver, Buddy, The Calvinator, Calvie, and Cal Cal.

His favorite things to do are ride around in the Bjorn, sit and play in the Jumperoo, put any and everything into his mouth, take baths, and play on the floor mat.

Hoo! hoo!

So far he has tried rice cereal, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes and green beans. His least favorite seems to be carrots and he seems to favor the rice cereal and sweet potatoes.

He is wearing size 6-9 month clothing.

He’s starting to inch around on the floor..

And can do a little half-sit, supporting himself with his arms.

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures.

He cracks up at the sound of scissors cutting paper.

He seems to “get” the world, making appropriate facial expressions for every scenario.

His feet are pretty fascinating, as are shaggy carpets, soft blankets and toys that rattle or crinkle

He is incredibly patient, letting his sister smother the crud out of him.

And when too many pictures have been taken, he makes a pukey face.

And it just continues, so then I know he must be done.

Love you, Calvin. :Lucky to be your mama.


  1. Yes! Finally someone writes about doctors 198 Tanworth Lane.

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