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The Brolsma Family- Benefit for Baby Brooks

Now that I have children of my own, I am even more aware of just how precious the lives of little ones are. I recently learned about a young couple that are in need of our help. I just can’t even imagine what they are going through and continue to face each and every day. My […]

Baby Cal Turns 5… Months!

Yesterday, Cal turned five months old. I swear this kid is the smiliest baby I have ever seen. You glance at the kid and he will give you an ear-to-ear grin. He is’ really starting to become a little person, discovering everything beautiful the world has to offer. His nicknames right now are Cal, Cal […]

What Went Down Wednesday- Another Look Inside

2:30-3:00- Day begins with another pumping session. Play on phone during this time. 6:15- Hear Cal start to stir, look at phone to check time and am ecstatic that it is past 6:00. Joyfully go and feed him. He’s back down 10 mins later. 6:25- Crawl back into bed. 6:50- Gwyn is up. Change diaper. […]

The First Day of Preschool-

Yesterday was Gwyn’s first day of preschool. We made it a special morning by picking out a special outfit, eating chocolate chip pancakes, and taking pictures to remember the day by. Pretty excited! Her pretty dress! When asked, “Gwyn, what do you want to be when you grow up? Like, when you get to be […]

No Cleanup Marshmallow Painting

Gwyn loves to paint. What toddler doesn’t? The only snafu is that it can be a little messy. That, and cleaning paint bowls and brushes isn’t the funnest thing to do. And then you also have the water cup that needs to be refilled due to dirty paint water or because your toddler spilled it. […]

Keeping in Touch- Perfect for the Out-of-Town Loved One or Grandparents!

Whenever The Hubby is out of town, we like to keep in touch using Google Chat. It’s similar to Skype except that it has a few neat features that are especially fun for kids. Who am I kidding!? They’re fun for adults too! Our favorite option in Google Chat is the “Google Effects” option. You […]

The Perfect Toddler/Young Child Gift

One of my favorite things to do is bake, and to be able to bake with my little buddy is pretty fun. Sure, it’s messier, takes longer, and not all ingredients always make it into the bowl, but in the end we both enjoy the time spent together. And the treat made, of course! One […]

What Went Down Wednesday- A Look Inside A Typical Day

Ever wonder what a typical day looks like in the life of a SAHM and her two young kids? Well, I’ll tell/show you. 2:30 am- The day begins with an alarm to wake up and pump. This allows me to stock pile some milk for when I need to be away from Cal. 3:00-3:30 Get […]

The Perfect Babysitter

Gwyn was Skypeing with her Grandma the other day, and before I knew it the computer was missing and I hear chatter coming from Gwyn’s room. I peek in and see this. She carried Grandma into her room and was reading to her, and I thought… “Pff, the perfect babysitter!!” Who needs REAL people these […]

Crying Over Spilled Milk

I thought I had my house pretty well child-proofed until a little incident happened just recently. There I was, nursing Baby Cal on the couch when Gwyn went into the kitchen, opened the fridge, pulled out a gallon of milk and walked it to the living room. As soon as I saw her I began […]