Picture Day…K-12

In keeping up with the theme of the week…
Once I realized just how awkward I was as a child, I decided to discover just when the “awkwardness” all began. I found an album of all my old school pictures at my mom’s house, so it was easy to tell.
Kindergarten. Typical uneven bangs, side pony, plaid dress with poofy shoulders. Not too awkward, as I am pretty sure everyone had crooked bangs and puffy sleeves at this age.
First Grade. Rockin’ the crimped hair. Again, pretty typical. I kindof wish we could still crimp hair. 
Second grade is where it all started. The awkward “teen” years, though apparently it started a bit early for me.
I went in to get my hair cut wanting a short, curly new bob. You know, something full of bounce and fun. I came out with mop head. Apparently my hair really took to the perm.

Third grade began the dreaded picture day with a cold sore. I was prone to cold sores as a child. And without a doubt, I seemed to always get one at “important” times in my life, such as picture day. My mom tried everything she could to help me cover it up, but I will always be tortured by those dreadful beasts.

Is that a jean shirt?

Fourth Grade…. hmmm… I suppose okay…More plaid though..
WHOA boy! Since I was awkwardly tall as a child, basketball was my thing. But apparently someone forgot to tell me that not only is my shirt on backwards, but my bangs are WAY too feathered and I am pretty sure I have a camel toe here.
Thanks, Mom.

OoO, fifth grade. The year of the braces and no smile. Oh, and showing off the band instrument in the school pic. Cool kid alert!

Sixth grade.  And yet again, another cold sore. Can you tell I was into “jean” everything? Those are jean overalls I am wearing, with a jean vest over them. Oh, and smiley faces were big this year too.


Oh, hello seventh grade, no braces, big hoop earings and the cool-sexy head tilt.

And tilt…

Eight grade was the introduction of the eye liner. And something my parents liked to call “The Unit.” I was so obsessive about my bangs… each piece perfectly curled and doused with about a can of hairspray each time, that when the wind would blow, the whole “unit” would blow back up against my head.

Who knew my parents were making fun of me behind my back??


Now in high school…. I ditched the eye liner and I think plucked my eyebrows for the first time. Because you know, the boys were noticing those kinds of things… ???

I remember having a “rule.” If three fingers could fit across my forehead, then I should have bangs because that meant my forehead was too big. So apparently these strands of hair did the trick….

Tenth Grade. No more bangs! It only took me about fourteen years…

Eleventh Grade, Oh wait….. they’re sneaking back in!

And twelfth Grade. The typical senior pic. Alright..so it took…ten years of awkwardness? Maybe I bleached it out with all of those highlights…

It’s fun looking back at old pictures and being able to poke fun at myself. Who knows, maybe I’ll look at pictures from today in twenty years and will be cracking up at myself once again.

At what, I wonder…

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Your comments are hilarious!!! I’m sure my pictures look very similar. I’m gonna have to dig them up one day when I start blogging again. I used to but haven’t for a long time! theloscalzofamily.blogspot.com

    • Haha, thanks, girl! You’ll have a blast looking at your old photos too. You can’t help but laugh at yourself!
      Awesome! I’ll definitely check out your blog! I just started this year and am enjoying it so far! :)


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