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The Tall Girl’s Mom- A Guest Post in Response

  My mom, after reading yesterday’s post, wrote this little number in response. I suppose she had a thing or two to say in her defense!                                                     A “Guest Post” from […]

The Tall Girl. The Awkwardly Tall Girl.

When I was at my parents’ house for the entire month of June last month, I found myself looking through old photo albums and was reminded of just how awkwardly tall I was as a child. Below, I am sandwiched in-between my two best friends at my sixth or seventh birthday party.   So tall, […]

Dear Sapphire

Bullying has been a hot topic in the media and it wasn’t until I recently went through some old school photos that I remembered something shameful from my past. In the third grade there was a girl named Sapphire in my class. She had long, strawberry blonde hair, fair skin and thick glasses. She was […]

Cal’s 3 Month and Gwyn’s 2 Year Photo Shoot

Taking the kiddos to get their photos taken at the same time takes some preparation. Both kids need to be well rested, fed and (somewhat) happy. And thankfully, it all worked out for us one afternoon while staying in Carson. I decided Cal should go first, as I wasn’t sure how long he would last. […]

Cabin 8- Meeting The Hubby’s Family and a Fourth of July Tradition

The fam and I are heading to “Cabin 8” again this year for the Fourth of July. Cabin 8 is the cabin my husband grew up going to every year since he was a child. This will be my seventh year going for the Fourth of July, and I love it every time. Cabin 8 […]

This is my 100th blog post!

This is my 100th blog post!  That’s kind of cool. I never really thought I would be doing something like this. Writing down my thoughts and stories and sharing them with friends, family and… strangers.  I began writing with the intention that I would look back one day and be able to remember the memories, […]