On Being Called A Boy

As shown in yesterday’s post, I once had an absolutely awful haircut in the second grade.

Though, I was pretty excited to be getting such a “grown-up” do….

The beautiful, springing curls bouncing above my shoulders that I had envisioned turned out to be short, stiff turds with a buzz up the back. I think my face turned pale once my new style was revealed, though I didn’t cry as I didn’t want to hurt the hair stylist’s feelings. 


I just had to live… like this…

Because of this haircut I did look a little boyish. In fact, I remember a woman once saying to my mom, “What a cute little boy you have!”

Just a boy in his leotard, here.
When Gwyn was a baby, she could be wearing pink everything with a gigantic bow on her head, and every now and then I’d hear something like, “What a big/cute/sweet boy you’ve got there!”
And in my mind I’d be thinking, “Really!?!? Are you on crack!?” But I’d just smile or sometimes reply, “Yeeeeeep.”
In fact, she was wearing this exact outfit when called a boy one day…
And this is what we thought about that!
“I’m not a boy!”

I now never say anything if I am just not sure what gender a child is. Unless it is blatantly obvious, I don’t even guess. 

That’s probably why I have had long locks ever since!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Everyone calls my youngest Katelynn a boy all the time even in all pink!! It bugs me so much. They just see no hair and assume boy but I mean come on they are blonde babies of course they dont have hair!!! Ok, sorry I just had to get that out! :)

    • That is the exact reason why Gwyn was always called a boy! She was one bald baby with minimal blonde fuzz! How do people not look at clothing!? That is the FIRST thing I look at if I am even an ounce unsure!

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