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Baby On Board

I need a “Baby on Board” sign in my car. Except, I need it for the opposite reason most people have them in their cars. People who normally have one of those are saying to other drivers, “The reason I am going ridiculously slow and driving exceptionally carefully is because I am a first-time parent and need […]

If You Have Kids or Have Friends With Kids, Read This!

I recently read this article after someone posted it on Facebook. Made me smile. And then I thought… Add in taking care of the home, finances, pets, laundry, all meals, yard, etc., etc. Whether you stay home or go to work, both of these scenarios are tough with kids. It irks me to no […]

Throat Chopping Crackheads Who Give Children Candy

What STRANGER gives a TWO-year old CANDY at the post office!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I had to run to the post office last minute yesterday to over-night a package for The Hubby. Because it was dreadfully hot, I put Gwyn in a nighty dress to stay cool while in the house, so as we were rushing […]

The Past Seven Years in a Nutshell

I remember the very first time The Hubby and I met. Vaguely. I was out with my friend at the old Cue and Cushion, an extremely old run-down bar that served ten cent drafts on a random night every week. Because of the cheap keg beer it was a hot spot among the college students […]

A Babe Feeding Her Babe…

At times, while I am feeding Cal, Gwyn will sit next to me and feed her baby a bottle. Yesterday, though, I look over during feeding time and see this… A babe feeding her babe…just like Mama.

"The Jef with one F" and "The Arie"

This will only make sense if you happened to catch today’s earlier post. .    Presenting “The Jef with one F” and “The Arie!”  “The Jef with one F” is a vanilla cupcake with a sweet honey and vanilla bean frosting, since the guy is just over-the-top sweet, topped with a sugar caramel hair piece. “The Arie” […]

Tonight on the Season Finale of The Bachelorette…

Tonight is the finale of Emily’s season of The Bachelorette. I thought I knew who the obvious “winner” was of the show until last week’s episode when Sean was sent home. WHY was Sean sent home? Can someone please explain this to me? Wasn’t he “everything a girl could ever wish for in a man?” […]

He Went There…

You know that wet, fierce, squirty- fart sound that a baby makes when he/she poops? It’s the sound where you immediately know it’s time for a diaper change. But maybe you decide to wait a minute more because you know the instant you slap on a new diaper, more poo is going to squirt out… […]

On Being Called A Boy

As shown in yesterday’s post, I once had an absolutely awful haircut in the second grade. Though, I was pretty excited to be getting such a “grown-up” do…. The beautiful, springing curls bouncing above my shoulders that I had envisioned turned out to be short, stiff turds with a buzz up the back. I think my face […]

Picture Day…K-12

In keeping up with the theme of the week… Once I realized just how awkward I was as a child, I decided to discover just when the “awkwardness” all began. I found an album of all my old school pictures at my mom’s house, so it was easy to tell. Kindergarten. Typical uneven bangs, side […]