The Great Dishwasher Debate

Alright, it’s time to settle this once and for all.
When finishing a meal and/or doing the dishes do you…

a.)   Dump the remaining food in the trash and then clean your plate with dish soap so that all remaining food particles are cleaned off….basically cleaning the plate by hand before placing in the dishwasher. 
b .)   Dump the remaining food in the trash and rinse your plate so that the big hunks get off, then place in dishwasher.
c.) Dump the remaining food in the trash and place plate in dishwasher.
In my house growing up, when finished with a meal we could just throw the leftover food away and put the dish in the dishwasher and it would come out sparkling clean.
In college, I would do something similar, though I would rinse the plate if needed, but by no means scrubbing and in most instances, the plate would come out sparkling clean. If, by chance, the dish came out with a bit of food on it still, then I’d either clean it by hand or place it right back in there for a second run and it’d come out clean. Now I’m just talking about say, the plate you ate off of, not something like a lasagna pan that needs obvious attention.

It wasn’t until later that I learned the dishwasher in the house that I grew up in was some high-powered miracle machine, but I’ve since adapted and do what I think works most efficiently.  A rinse, a little run-over with the scrub brush if necessary, and in the dishwasher it goes.

The Hubby, though, washes the dishes by hand, first, and then runs them through the dishwasher.
We’ve debated this “issue” for quite some time now and have even asked others what they do when it has come up, as it did this past weekend when staying with friends.
What do YOU do? I am so curious… Do tell. :)

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