The Busy Bin- A Just In Case

One of the things I was most nervous about before I had Calvin was what to do with Gwyneth when I needed to nurse Calvin.

Would she allow me to sit and do my thing? Or would she become a little jealous and want my attention too?

In preparing for the worst, I put together what I like to call The Busy Bin.

In this bin I put little toys that Gwyneth has never seen before like a little etch-e-sketch, drawing pad, bubbles (the kind you squeeze and the little blower pops up) a sparkly little mirror, stickers, mini papers, a few books (one of Elmo using the potty! Subliminal messages!) and other various small toys. I also put a few snacks in there so that if needed I wouldn’t need to get up to get those for her.

My thoughts for this bin were that it only comes out when both children need my attention, such as when nursing, and would be put away once finished so that the toys would stay fresh and fun.

So far, I haven’t needed to bust the bin out, but it sure is ready for when needed!

Can you tell I put this together around Easter??

I think this sort of thing would work in any scenario, not just for nursing mothers. So there ya go… make a Busy Bin and save your sanity!


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