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The Trek From Spokane to Reno…Our Journey Traveling Alone With The Kids

What a COMPLETELY different experience! The adventure from Spokane to Reno this time around with Calvin was a Buh-REEZEĀ compared to my experience flying solo with Gwyn a couple years ago. While traveling solo with my little man still made me nervous, I tried to prepare as best I could this time around, learning from my […]

The Busy Bin- A Just In Case

One of the things I was most nervous about before I had Calvin was what to do with Gwyneth when I needed to nurse Calvin. Would she allow me to sit and do my thing? Or would she become a little jealous and want my attention too? In preparing for the worst, I put together […]

Road Trippin’, Zoo Goin’ & a Mini Meltdown

Over Memorial Day weekend the family and I went on our first “Family of Four” road trip. I tried to be as prepared as possible and packed everything ahead of time with each child’s necessities in their own little suitcase so that there wouldn’t be a lot of fishing around for items. I even checked […]

Flying to Reno… One of the (Previous) Worst Experiences of My Life!

Today Cal and I are on our way via the airway to Reno. Just he and I. Him and me. The two of us. And I am NERVOUS!!! The last time I traveled alone with an infant it was one of the WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE. Absolutely horrid!! The Hubby, Gwyneth and I were […]

Comparing Doctor Visits and A SURPRISE From Cal!

Before Gwyneth’s first doctor appointment where she was to receive shots, I was a nervous wreck. I did as much research on reactions to vaccines and pain relief as I could, and I pretty much planned the whole day around this horrible event. I also had a very sick feeling in my stomach. I dressed […]