Gwynnie’s Cookie.

Do you remember going to the grocery store as a child and getting a cookie from the nice ladies in the bakery?

Score!!! That was the absolute highlight of the trip. And the best part was if the cookie was a sprinkle cookie. Then it was a double score.

Back home I shop at Walmart (Our Walmart is actually nice, judgers) and the bakery there does not give cookies to sweet little kids (Okay, now you can judge). I’d actually forgotten that stores did this until we went grocery shopping with my mom yesterday.

Gwyn was having an off day, but we thought we’d take our chances and hit up the store on the way home. I tried everything to distract her while my mom threw things in the cart. We were women on a mission. Luckily, Calvin was being an angel and was sleeping away, but I knew our time was short unless we got our buns in high gear.

That is… until we hit the bakery. Her little eyes lit up. That frown was turned upside down. And she was silent… in awe at the number of glorious treats that were so neatly displayed in front of her.

The store we were at was the exact same store my mom shopped at when I was a little girl. And I too remember having the same feelings when in that “special section” of the store. The lights were glowing just  a little brighter, the floor was seemingly spotless, and a sweet aroma consumed the air. So naturally, the first thing that popped in my mind today were those sprinkle cookies. And while I am not a fan of giving my kids sugary treats when already a bit cranky and tired, I couldn’t resist. The only problem was, I didn’t see any cookies in the display windows. Mini cakes, donuts, fruit tarts, and pies lined the rows, all much too big for my little girl.

Then a very sweet baker lady caught our eye, leaned over the counter and held out a gigantic, soft sprinkle cookie.  Gwyn’s eyes widened like oranges as she clasped her hands together and said,  “OoOoOo!!!” which giave the baker lady the biggest grin. And this mama too. She overcame her shyness just long enough to slowly reach out and take the cookie and whisper a thank you.

She savored that cookie for the rest of the shopping trip and for most of the way home too. She enjoyed picking off each individual sprinkle, as I once had as well. And when someone would peer over at her wondering what the little girl was so enamored with, she would hide it in fear of it being taken away, in which I assured her it wouldn’t.

It was Gwynnie’s cookie.


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