The First Time Away From Cal

I did it.
I finally got out of the house and left Calvin for the first time in 6 weeks.
And let me tell you….
It felt…… gooooooooood.
I cried the first time I left Gwyneth. That was just after three weeks, and The Hubby made me leave the house with him and go on a date.
Sounds bad, huh? My husband MADE me go out on a date with him… but at that time I didn’t want to leave my new baby (the one who screamed in my ear all day) and really struggled with it (strangely). Once I was out though, I had a great time and it really was pretty nice.
This time though, I didn’t just get out briefly. I really took some time to myself.
And did I cry? Would you if you had to leave this sweet face??
No. I handed Little Man over to The Hubby right as he pooped his drawers and ran out as fast as I could. Last thing I heard The Hubby say…
“Awwww, you handed me ‘mudbutt baby’!?!?”
“Sorry, Love, I am late… gotta go! Love you!”
And that was that. (Gwyn was at Grammy’s house…I didn’t want to kill off The Hubby.)
I started the afternoon off by getting my hair done. I hadn’t done this in MONTHS, and it was much needed. I mean, much needed. I was almost pulling off a Khloe Kardashian where my roots were halfway down my head. Does she do that on purpose? Doesn’t she make enough money to get her hair done like…. every day? Or is that a new fad? Did I miss something?
It truly felt good to just sit there, read my book (on infant sleep, pff!) and let my mind wander. And peruse FB on my phone and play Words with Friends.  And once under that dryer? I just about damn near fell asleep. And getting my hair washed? I wasn’t even embarrassed that I kept my eyes closed the entire time, something I usually try to fight. Because this mama hasn’t gotten a good night’s sleep in months and I’ll take any uninterrupted shut eye.
Two and a half hours later and I was struttin’ my bad self out of there with a new “do” and feeling pretty dang sexy too.
I made my way home in time to feed baby Cal, grab a snack and love on my kiddos before meeting my gal pals for pedis. And that…. felt…. uhhhhmazing. I did remember to shave that morning too! That’s right… remember to shave. Because that does NOT happen often these days.
After getting our tootsies all perdied up, we went to Swillys for dinner and enjoyed a beautiful atmosphere, yummy food, and great conversation. With seven of us in our party, it did take a while for the food to come out, and as each minute ticked by my boobies got more and more full. I think I felt my milk “coming in” three times while there. So once the food arrived I wolfed down my meal and had to jet as the other ladies ordered dessert before I became my own tres leches treat.
When I got home I found an empty pizza box and noticed that the ice cream cake box that Gwyneth’s birthday cake came in was empty too. While I was out indulging on myself, The Hubby did a little indulging/recuperating himself after the kiddos went to bed. :)
Poor guy felt sick.
That was one of the best things I could have done for myself. The sleep deprivation was really starting to kick in, and just a little time away re-energized me to keep on truckin’. So that is the best advice I can offer a new mama. Or any mama, really.
Take some time to yourself. You deserve it! It will do you WONDERS!
Happy Tuesday!


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