Archives for May 2012

My Party Has Been Featured!!

My party has been featured!!! Just for fun, I submitted Gwyneth’s Ladybug Birthday Bash to a popular party blog, and they’ve decided to feature it on their website! SOOO excited! Check it out! And when I scrolled to the bottom of the page I noticed that there is a “Pin it” button for pinterest, […]

This Mama Needs a New Set of Wheels!

The Hubby and I went car shopping last weekend because two carseats, a diaper bag, and a double stroller just leave NO extra room in our Altima for anything else. Adding in groceries, especially dog food into that mix, was quite the puzzle. We knew we wanted a small SUV going into the day’s adventure, […]

Letting Go. A Little Bit. Maybe? No. I Don’t Want To.

Before, when we would take Gwyneth to the park or to a play area, one of us was always going with Gwyneth up the stairs, across the bridges, and down the slides, making sure she could climb the stairs okay or that she wouldn’t fall over the side. I’m not sure when it happened, but […]

Learning From Big Sis and Turning 1 Month Old! (And the winner of the growth chart is…)

For the most part, Gwyn leaves her brother alone. But when he is actually made “available” for playing, she sure does take advantage of the opportunity. Big Sister Gwyn showing Cal how to play with his floor gym. Teaching Cal how to do a puzzle. And then she thought, “You know… you look like a […]

He Peed On Me.

I still struggle when changing Little Man’s diaper. I mean, it’s actual work when changing the thing!  His little frog legs extend to and fro in no such predictable manner; he’s crying half the time, which just heightens my anxiety and makes my blood pressure skyrocket; I am trying to keep his little man part […]

Gwyneth’s First Crush!

Gwyneth officially has her first crush. The Hubby was asking Gwyn how her day at playschool went, and then went on to ask her if she saw her friends. “Friends!” Gwyneth repeated, one of her favorite things to say. The conversation didn’t go much further than that, until about a minute later… Gwyn: “Isaac!” Hubby: “What […]