Gwyneth’s First Crush!

Gwyneth officially has her first crush.

The Hubby was asking Gwyn how her day at playschool went, and then went on to ask her if she saw her friends.

“Friends!” Gwyneth repeated, one of her favorite things to say. The conversation didn’t go much further than that, until about a minute later…

Gwyn: “Isaac!”

Hubby: “What did you say?” The Hubby curiously asked. “Did you say Isaac?!”

Gwyn: “Isaac!!!”

Hubby: “Who is Isaac? Do you play with Isaac?”

Gwyn: “Friend!”

I enter the room.

Hubby: “Love, who is Isaac?”

Me: Puzzled…”Oh, there is an Isaac in Gwyn’s class…Why?”

The Hubby then tells me about the brief conversation between he and Gwyn.

Hubby: “Gwyn, how many friends do you have at playschool?”

Gwyn: “Two!!” (Her number for everything)

Hubby “What are your friends’ names?”

Gwyn: “Talvin!”

Hubby: Laughing, “Okay, who is your other friend?”

Gwyn: “Isaac!!!” she shouts with a huge grin on her face.

Hubby: “Do you like Isaac?”

This is when Gwyn runs over to her daddy and clocks him in the head with her sippy cup with an embarrassed look on her face. The Hubby was taken by surprise and it showed on his face, but instead of being upset with her he saw the little crush in her eyes and couldn’t help but laugh.

Hubby: “What color eyes does Isaac have?”

Gwyn: “Blue!” (I have no idea if this is true or not.)

Hubby: “Is Isaac tall like Daddy or short like you?”

Gwyn: “Short.”

Hubby: “What color is Isaac’s hair?”

Gwyn: “Blue!”

Hubby: “What!? His hair is blue!?”

Gwyn: “Yeah.” (It’s not.)

Hubby: “Is Daddy your boyfriend?”

Gwyn: “Nopey”

Hubby: “Is Isaac your boyfriend?”

Gwyn: “Nopey.”

Hubby: “That’s right!!! No boyfriends!”

Hubby: “Is Isaac your friend?”

Gwyn: “Yeah! Isaac!” she quietly, but excitedly says with a huge grin.

Hubby: “Who is Isaac!? I want to know more about this character!” The Hubby says with a playful smile while tickling Gwyn, who falls on the floor into a ball of giggles.

So Isaac is a hot topic in our house right now, and while I am surprised that my not even two-year-old already has a baby man-friend crush, I am pleased that she picked such a cutie to crush on!

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