Emily…. Oh Emily…

Well. The Hubbs and I just finished watching the season premier of The Bachelorette. This is my favorite show to watch with him and I look forward to it every Monday. Or in our case now, probably every Tuesday as it’s just on too dang late for us now.

And I think it’s going to be a pretty good season.

First, I think I fall in love with Emily every time I see her. I may even have a little bit of a lady crush on her. Her story just completely melts my heart, she’s incredibly sweet, and she is just plain hot!

A few things we noted…

1.) Did you notice the way “Jef with one F” spells his name? That’s what we’ve named him. He’s either “Jef with one F” or “Jif”, because with only one “F” we think it should be pronounced faster. So he is also Jif. We concluded that it is very a “Euro” spelling and that he probably dropped the additional “F” himself to stand out.

2.) The ties keep getting skinnier and skinner on those men. We both are fans of the skinny tie, but as my husband put it, “That one’s a shoelace!”

3.) Really Egg Guy??? REALLY!? And he got the last rose. Wow.

4.) The Hubby pointed out that the person who gets the “First Impression Rose” is never sitting around the rose when it is picked up. So, if these fools were smart, they’d get the hell outta that room!

5.) And then there’s 41 year-old man with his 6 kids. Yeah, she likes kids, but she doesn’t want to add The Brady Bunch to her family! Not surprised that dude went home… though I felt a little bad when he gave his sob story at the end about never finding love with his 6 kids. Are these 6 kids with the same woman, pal? Because that information could change things!

Do we have favorites yet?

Not quite. I didn’t feel like we really got a good feel for these characters. Maybe the single dad who received the first impression rose? Hmm….

Already looking forward to next week though! Staying tuned!

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