Baby Cal Turns Two… Months!

Already two months old!
And I LOOOOOOVE these smiles!!! They make waking up in the night worth it.
Okay, no. They don’t. I lied.
Yes, they’re very cute… but I would prefer sleep right about now.

“Posing for these pics makes me want to hurl.”



“What, not cute!?”

“Two months… no big whoop.”

“My name is Calvin and my life is going to be consumed with pictures. Oye.”

“Ehhhh….. are we done?”

I wish I could crochet like that..


“Just ‘illin here…”

Sooo cute!

“Ah boo!”

“Mom, you crazy!”

I just love hats!

” Bye bye!”

Alright… that concludes my 2 month photo shoot of Baby Cal. Now let’s pray for sleeping through the night, people!

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