Sunny Days, Sweaty Babies, and a Brief Sleepover…

We’ve had incredibly lovely weather the last few days and boy, am I thankful. It has lightened our moods, sparked more giggles and the days sure do go by quickly when able to expend some energy outdoors.

The downside? We have yet to put our AC unit in the house and it has bee dreadfully hot. So hot, that poor Gwyneth woke up twice two nights ago covered in sweat. The first time, Daddy swooped her up and took her outside, cooling her off immediately. The second time was in the middle of the night, and it also happened to be during an incredibly loud thunderstorm. The sky was terribly upset with booming thunder and lightning bright enough to light our room. The rain sounded like it was pouring in my ears, so I really wasn’t surprised that little Gwyn awoke.

The Hubby brought the Little Bean into our room, which rarely ever happens, so this was definitely a special treat. Once placed on the bed she ran over and dove into my arms, greeting me with the snuggliest toddler hug ever. Gwyn then nuzzled in-between The Hubby and I, got under the covers and rested her head on my pillow.

Me: Stroking her hair… “Night night, Gwyn. I love you.”

Gwyn: “Ove you too.”

Moment of silence.

Gwyn: “Help…. Help…”

She needed the covers pulled up more, so I got her situated and then watched her stare, wide-eyed, up at the ceiling.

Moment of silence.

Gwyn: “Ummm….Ummm…. stars?”

Me: “No love, there are no stars in Mommy and Daddy’s room. Time to go to sleep. (Gwyn has those glow-in-the-dark stars on her ceiling, which she absolutely loves.) Night night.”

Gwyn: “Night night.”

Moment of silence.

This is when Gwyn turns over and bear hugs my face. Nothing feels better than squishy baby pressed up against your body, so I soaked in the moment, squeezing her back.

Me: “Okay G, it’s night night time. Close your eyes please.”

I watch her pretend to close an eye, just staring back at me. So, I pretend to be falling asleep… you know, setting the good example. And this is when she turns over and starts loving on her daddy. Of course he falls for it, as any parent would.

The Hubby: “Night night time, Gwyn. Go to sleep, please.” And he too closes his eyes, showing her that she needs to do the same.

Gwyn: “Pinch!?” she slyly says as she turns over and looks at me, pointing to The Hubby’s nose.

Me: “No Gwyn, it’s not time to pinch Daddy’s nose. It’s night night time. (We like to play a game where we pretend to be sleeping, and to wake us up Gwyn pinches our noses, squealing in delight when we are woken so abruptly with a shocked look on our faces.)

Moment of silence.

Gwyn: “Ummm… Talvin!?!?”

Me: “Calvin is sleeping like a good little boy. Now you need to go to sleep too.”

Gwyn: (Sigh).

Moment of silence….

Gwyn: “Hi Mommy!!!” she says about two inches from my face.

Me: “Gwyn, you need to go to sleep please.” I say putting her back in her little spot.

She then turns her body around so that her feet are in my face. “Oh well,” I think… “if she will actually sleep this way, then so be it.”

Gwyn: “Hi Mommy!!”

The Hubby then scoops the Little Bean up into his arms, grabs her blankey and off she went back into her room, waving goodbye on her way out. She slept fine for the remainder of the night, and while I sure did like the extra snuggles I got, she just cannot ever sleep with us.

I hope to have the AC unit put up in the next few days, because between getting up for a hot little toddler, and even more for the Little Man, these parents’ energy levels are going to crash soon.

Did I mention Cal woke up at 11:30, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 that night? Oye!

Here’s to sunny days, cool nights, and sleeping babies!


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