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A Mother’s Love

Our Little Man has been here for over two weeks now. He is currently asleep in my arms, and I don’t want to move. Because when I do, the moment will be over. And I don’t want it to be over. I can’t stop staring. He seems so…. perfect. When he is nestled deep into […]

Learning A Lesson Through Urine-Soaked Leggings

There is a first time for everything. Or so they say. I was at Mommy group yesterday and learned a quick lesson. Baby Calvin was sitting on my lap being burped after a scrumptious meal as I was chatting up a storm with a gal pal. Mid-sentence I had to interrupt my pal because I […]

Absolutely GENIUS! This Could Make MILLIONS! The Answer To My Prayers…

I have been struggling with how to see in the dark while nursing each and every night since we have been home. I find I get better sleep when I don’t have to get up and nurse Cal in the living room, which I believe I did throughout Gwyn’s infancy. So, I have Cal’s little […]

The Dress

One of the biggest joys to being a mommy to a little girl is being able to dress her up in the cutest of clothes. So as Easter was approaching, I slowly began putting her Easter outfit together. Except this year, I wasn’t the one doing all of the choosing. Nearly two years ago Gwyneth […]

If Only I Could Take the Pain Away

There seems to be nothing that hurts worse than watching your children in pain and not being able to do anything about it. Yesterday was Calvin’s circumcision… and Oh. My. I had no idea the little surgery was so….. brutal! I mean EGAD!!! I was incredibly nervous before it even began… In the little operating room […]

When Gwynnie Met Cal

One of my biggest anxieties was how Gwyneth was going to react to her new baby brother. Would she be confused? Would she hate him? Or would she be overjoyed? Would she even care? I just didn’t know. As I was “OoOing” and “awwwing” over my freshly born son… Little Gwyn was just outside our […]

DIY: Pillowcase Roll Bed

My mom loves a good craft project as much as I do, especially if it benefits one of her loved ones. So, my mom wrote today’s post on how to make one of Gwyneth’s new favorite gifts, the Pillowcase Roll Bed. Enjoy! “So I will admit it, I like to check out Pinterest now and […]

Stuffing Jars With "Those Moments."

The Hubby and I just shared a moment. One of those moments that you just don’t want to forget. Moments that when you are up at 3 am for the fifth diaper change that night trying to dodge the pee this time, you want to remember. Baby Calvin was getting his diaper changed by The […]

Small City Living… Feels Good.

While at times I still miss living in a larger city, this small city living sure has its benefits. The sense of community in the town that I live in is incredible. When I was pregnant with Gwyneth, I attended one “Mommy Group” before giving birth. I didn’t know any of the women there. They […]

The Story of Calvin’s Birth

Wow. While there were some definite similarities between  Gwyneth’s birth and the birth of Calvin, there were some crazy differences. I am just going to jump right in. We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am, as instructed to do by the phone call we received the night before. We routinely checked into our room, put away our things […]