Living a dairy free life….. for now. HELP!

I’ve started eating dairy free because it seems that little Cal gets the toots when I eat anything delicious.

He doesn’t just get the toots, but pretty painful tummy rumbles, so it is lactose free for me.

I actually was diagnosed as lactose intolerant when I was in my early twenties. Strange how it came about so late in life. I was working at Silver Peak, a local restaurant, in Reno when I discovered the “illness.” I call it an illness because it’s almost as bad as one… not being able to eat anything scrumptious anymore.

Anyway, I was working at Silver Peak when I began getting horrible stomach cramps, almost daily. I had no idea why my stomach was getting so upset. Embarrassingly, I also became very gassy. This is NOT appetizing when working at a restaurant. Or when working anywhere, really.

So the only thing I could do was request to work on the deck, which was outside and I could then somewhat conceal my problem. I was granted my request, but one day I was cramping so badly that one of my co-workers asked me what was wrong. Putting all feelings and emotions aside, I told him my symptoms.

“You’re probably sensitive to dairy.”

“No, I’ve eaten dairy my whole life. That’s not it.”

“What did you eat for lunch?”

“A sandwich, cheese-covered veggies….. and…. ice cream…………..Huh.”

“MmM hmm.”

So I went to the doctor a couple of days later, told her what I thought might be going on, and after a couple of tests it was confirmed that yes, I was indeed lactose intolerant.

“But why now?” I asked.

Apparently it is pretty common to become lactose intolerant in your twenties.


So I lived my life eating dairy sparingly. I absolutely did not cut it out of my diet, because that would be just plain silly. I just suffered the consequences later. In private. If I could.

Too much?

As the years have gone by, the sensitivity to dairy has lessened. It is only when I consume too much of something like ice cream or delicious melted cheese that I notice anything.

Where was I going with this???

Oh yeah. So Little Cal is sensitive to the stuff, and I no longer get to choose how lenient I want to be with consuming it as there is no playing around with my Little Man’s tummy.

But MY GOODNESS. Dairy is EVERYWHERE! I can’t eat ANYTHING! And it sucks.

I also learned the hard way what other gassy foods affect my digestive system. Did you know that raw veggies can give you rumbles in the jungle?

I didn’t! So since I couldn’t eat seemingly anything, I was snacking on some veggies and dressing one afternoon last week and good Lord. I will spare you the details…. but let’s just say… I didn’t even want to be around me.

After some research and talking with a gal pal who is also cutting dairy from her diet, I now do not eat dairy, raw veggies, anything tomato based, acidic fruits, and beans. All of these are common gassy foods, and if I can prevent any sort of tummy pain for my Little Man, and if I want to keep my husband and friends around, then I think it best to say adios… for now.

If you have any yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas… (snacks too!) that do not include these items… please share! I am desperate! Oh, and hopefully these can be “quick to fix” ideas? You know, because I have two kids now, one who still eats every 1.5- 2 hours making it difficult to actually cook anything. :)


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