I Went to a Craft Fair. Sort of.

I went to a craft fair.

Sort of.

I wasted a huge amount of time in the parking lot of the craft fair trying to figure out how to attach the damn carseat to our new stroller. I swear I was listening when The Hubby showed me how to do this in our living room after the stroller was assembled, long before Baby Cal was born. But apparently that wasn’t enough.

Baby Cal slept patiently in the car, so I struggled with it for a good 15 minutes before I called The Hubby. He was able to talk me through the first part, and then he sent me a youtube video to try and help with the rest. Since my phone was about to die I was not able to watch the video. Luckily, a friend arrived and helped me out. It was very hard to focus when the Little Man was starting to get upset. Calvin’s patience had run dry and he had had enough by the time we entered the fair. So the first thing I did was find somewhere to nurse the little dude. This place was the women’s bathroom.

There wasn’t anywhere to sit, and I wasn’t particularly interested in sitting on one of the poopers, so I stood with a nursing cover on and greeted those who entered the bathroom. I received understanding, shy smiles from the ladies, all who seemingly had been there once before. And when the ladies left, another smile on the way out.

All except from one lady.

She entered the restroom about a minute after I had…. but never left. Not while I was in there, anyway. I actually forgot about her for a while. That is, until I heard her. Blech!

It was obvious the lady was in discomfort. And I felt for her. Especially because I knew that she knew that I was out there, and I couldn’t leave until finished. And neither could she.

Others came and went. And she stayed. I could see her brown loafers underneath the stall. Not that I was bending over looking at them, they could just be seen.

Then I started to wonder…”Is she embarrassed to come out?” I hadn’t heard anything in a while….” Is she out-waiting me?” I had been in there about 20 minutes now. We were both aware of the extended amount of time she had been in there, so maybe she was waiting until I left, saving us both from the awkward exit? “Is she looking at me through the crack in the stall? Is she looking at me looking at her shoes???” EEK!

And then I heard something. It was a whisper of a voice.

She was on the phone! I couldn’t tell what she was saying, but was surprised that she felt this was the appropriate time to start a chat sesh. Maybe she was calling for help?

I finally finished and got packed up to go as quickly as I could. The lady stayed. I have no idea how much longer she was in there. But for her sake, and to those using the restroom after her, hopefully not too much longer.

I perused a few of the booths before Calvin started to fuss. He was fed, but I wasn’t able to get a good burping in since he fell asleep, and I was afraid of the pooper lady coming out and having to look her in the eye, so now I was paying for it. This is when I decided it was time to go. So while it was nice to get out of the house on that warm Spring day, the bathroom stalls weren’t quite as entertaining to look at as the booths would have been.

Oh well. The life of a mom with an infant. Right?


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