The Hubby comes home from work today and turns the TV on to the NFL Draft, which was about to start any minute, and wishes Gwyneth and I “Happy NFL Draft Day.”

Slightly…. just ever-so slightly intrigued, I watch the first pick since I remember seeing the number one draft pick (whatshisname) in an interview and thinking he was incredibly goofy.

Whatshisname went to the apparent expected team, and I ask The Hubby how long this draft takes.

“Well, there are 32 draft picks…”

I nod, thinking that’s not too bad.

“…in the first round. And there are seven rounds.”

“WHAT!? This is going to take hours!”

The Hubby laughs so hard he almost spits out his food.

“No, this could take days!”

Still laughing, The Hubby explains that it will last about two days, and I can’t help but think that’s an incredibly long time, and

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