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The Hubby comes home from work today and turns the TV on to the NFL Draft, which was about to start any minute, and wishes Gwyneth and I “Happy NFL Draft Day.” Slightly…. just ever-so slightly intrigued, I watch the first pick since I remember seeing the number one draft pick (whatshisname) in an interview […]

DIY Growth Chart and GIVEAWAY!

One of my favorite DIY projects is this growth chart. It can easily be transported from home to home and our kiddos can watch themselves grow over the years. Plus, it just looks AWESOME!!! My first attempt was kind of a flop, though it still turned out pretty good. I took most of the “how […]

Sunny Days, Sweaty Babies, and a Brief Sleepover…

We’ve had incredibly lovely weather the last few days and boy, am I thankful. It has lightened our moods, sparked more giggles and the days sure do go by quickly when able to expend some energy outdoors. The downside? We have yet to put our AC unit in the house and it has bee dreadfully […]

Living a dairy free life….. for now. HELP!

I’ve started eating dairy free because it seems that little Cal gets the toots when I eat anything delicious. He doesn’t just get the toots, but pretty painful tummy rumbles, so it is lactose free for me. I actually was diagnosed as lactose intolerant when I was in my early twenties. Strange how it came about so […]

Wet T-shirt Contest???

I should have entered… What do you think? Winner??? And this was through three layers!! Thank goodness I was at home!

I Went to a Craft Fair. Sort of.

I went to a craft fair. Sort of. I wasted a huge amount of time in the parking lot of the craft fair trying to figure out how to attach the damn carseat to our new stroller. I swear I was listening when The Hubby showed me how to do this in our living room […]

Nursery Rhymes

Apparently The Hubby and I need to brush up on our lullabyes and nursery rhymes. He asked me to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb, and when I attempted the song, I was not able to finish it. I apparently got stuck at the same part he did. So he made the rest up. Here […]

A Baby Calvin Amateur Photoshoot

My attempt at capturing the cuteness of our newborn Little Man.  Ta da!!!

My Goob.

One of the biggest reasons I love my husband is his ability to make me laugh. And it’s when he’s not trying to make me laugh that I laugh the hardest. I don’t know where the man came across it… but The Hubby showed me a picture of something he wanted to buy online, and […]

Spice Up Your Life!- In An Organized Manner.

I am all about trying to better organize my life these days. One thing I am always doing is hunting for spices in my cabinet while I am trying to cook. Sure, they all come labeled, but I just can’t see those labels with so many spices when they’re all stored together. Something needed to […]