Still….. pregnant. Or am I?

So I have discouraging news.


We called the birthing center back at noon, as instructed, and were told that they are still full. So what did that mean for us?

Wait. So we did. And we waited some more. And even some more. Then they said they’d call us in the morning. So now we are waiting overnight.

IF, by chance, I went into labor on my own then they will admit me. But… I swear I have a water sac as tough as rawhide.


But, we did do some pretty fun things with Gwyneth today. In fact, she’s had the best time in the past few days, so it’s not ALL discouraging.

We played arcade games…

Wiped her out!

Looks like the hype exhausted everyone! Like Father, like son.

We got our tootsies painted! Well, hers weren’t painted, but she loved playing along.

Missed a spot.

Went out for a fun lunch


Played at the Squishy Park.

And she got her first own ice cream.

So all of these fun activities have helped ease the waiting game.

Thank you all so much for the kind and supportive thoughts, prayers and words. I will take them with me whenever we finally get to that dang hospital. Last we heard… not going to happen until Friday morning now. Here’s to providing a nice, comfy home for our Little Man for a couple more days.


It’s 10:00 at night and I just got a call that we are scheduled to come in at 6:30 tomorrow morning. We’ll see, right!?

HOPEFULLY this is really “it” and we can finally meet our Little Man! FIngers crossed!

Update to the Update:
Well we are off to the hospital without any phone calls…. so I THINK I can officially say, “IT’S TIME!!!” (cross fingers!)

Taking those well wishes and prayers with us! :)

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