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The Maternity Pictures I thought I’d Never Want

I didn’t think I’d ever want maternity pictures. But then we found out we were having a boy, and the possibility that this could be my last pregnancy crossed our minds, and I suddenly wanted to remember. Remember what it was like to carry around our children for 9 (Really 10!) months at a time. […]

The To-Do List

I haven’t packed my “bag” yet. You know, the one you’re supposed to have packed a month before your due date? It has been on my “to-do” list for weeks… and now it’s one of the last four things on my list. I think I have waited so long to do it because I feel […]

Little Man’s Completed Nursery!!!

We are finally done with Little Man’s room! Honestly, it’s been done for a few weeks now, but I didn’t feel like it was truly “done” until all clothes were washed and every little detail was in place. What makes this room so special to us are all of the family ties throughout the whole […]

Little Man’s Nursery Projects

These are a few finished DIY projects that I, or people that love me, have either made because I couldn’t find what I was envisioning, or because I didn’t want to pay for it! I purchased wooden crates and an AWESOME old window pane at an antique store with the intention of using them as […]

The Perfect Babymoon

We made it back from Seattle sans Baby Boy. Hooray! I did get quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions on the drive home and had to lay my seat back, but that was it as far as baby excitement. Whew! Our Babymoon was an absolute blast. We did everything on my hope list, and then […]

Off to Seattle!

The Hubbs and I are off to Seattle for the weekend. That’s about a 5.5 hour drive for us… And less than 2.5 weeks until my due date…Don’t tell my doctor!! I am actually the one who planned this weekend getaway. For Christmas, I got The Hubby and I tickets to see Adam Carolla at […]

Gwyneth’s 1st Birthday Ladybug Bash Re-hash

Less than two months away, I have begun thinking about and planning Gwyneth’s 2nd birthday party. I can’t help but reminisce of the great time we had at her first birthday party and am in disbelief that here I am again, in the planning stages to celebrate yet another year. Gwyneth’s 1st Birthday Ladybug Bash! […]

Full Term!! Belly Update

I am now full term! This is absolute insanity. Here is how the belly has grown over the last eight weeks:  Week 30 Week 31 Week 32 Week 33 Week 34 Week 35 Week 36 And here I am … FULL TERM at Week 37! A lady at the pool told me today that I […]

Our Little Scare

This pregnancy has gone by extremely fast. Too fast. I feel like my husband and I just found out that we were pregnant and now I am approximately three weeks away from welcoming our precious son into this world. For the most part, this pregnancy has been smooth sailing, just like the last. We did […]

The Claws Came Out

The claws came out on this Angry Bear Mama Saturday night. After a long day, I FINALLY got to bed at about 11:00 that night. Woo hoo, partier, right? Uhhh no. The only partying this mama does these days is with imaginary tea, plastic cookies, an almost two year old and sweats. I was in […]