Our Mommy-Daughter Weekend

I tend to create scenarios in my mind, and then become incredibly disappointed when they don’t pan out as planned. Something I need to work on.

The last couple months have been pretty busy with baby showers, mini trips, visiting family, check lists, etc., but this past weekend was free until I marked it down as Mommy-Daughter Weekend O’ Fun. I felt like this past weekend was my last weekend with Gwyn with just the two of us, so I wanted to make her feel special. (The Hubby had to work, btw.)

On Saturday, I planned on taking Gwyneth to the community pool, as the little baby pool there is shallow enough to where she can walk around by herself, splash her little hands off, and dump as much water on Mama’s head as she possibly can. She loves it.

Plus, this beached whale can just roll around from one end to the next, making sure her baby seal doesn’t drown.

It took a bit to get packed up, but once our suits were on, bags and snacks were packed, we were off! The whole morning I talked up how much fun we were going to have at the pool… but when we arrived and I saw a mere three cars in the parking lot, I knew something was up.

Since we live in a college town, the majority of the employees here are students, and since it was apparently the tail end of Spring Break, the pool was closed.

BLAST!!! Uggggghhhh. The weather outside was frightful, so the only other thing I could think to do was to go to our favorite coffee shop, eat our snacks and get a beverage. So that is what we did. It wasn’t as much fun as the pool, and didn’t last a very long time since we seemed to be annoying the people (or one girl, in particular) there “working.”

Pfff, please. I hardly call scrolling on Facebook working, so get that nasty look off of your face before I smack it off, biotch!

Alright, the others there did appear to be actually working, so we did leave and went home.

That’s when the nesting kicked in at home and I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. Have you ever pulled out your oven and seen what falls in-between the counter and gets stuck to the side of your oven? Oh. my. goodness. SICK! So while Gwyneth Skyped with Grandma, that is what I did. Not quite the mother-daughter day I had imagined. But that was okay! Because the NEXT day was going to make up for it. We were going to go to the squishy park in the next town over and get ice cream at the yogurt shop!

The gods were against me for some reason because I woke up sick. Not feeling horrible, but like sneeze and blow snot EVERYWHERE kind of sick. Before-you-can-get-a-tissue kind of sneeze with snot that strings from your nose to your chin, or even to your clothing.

MmMmM… visual?

So, Gwyn and I stayed home. Whaaaaa!!!!

But, we DID end up having a good time because I actually just sat and played with her for such a long time without trying to multi-task. No dishes, laundry, dusting, etc., in-between play sessions… we just sat and played pretend eating, read books, colored, and put stickers on Mommy’s face. And I loved it. And she loved it. It made me remember that we don’t always need to take her somewhere for entertainment. That what she really wants, is time.


Our time.


  1. Adorable. And so true…I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “Kids spell love “t-i-m-e.” And can I just say again, you are a great writer! I always end up cracking up about something and reading it to Karl. PS: I was thinking of dish that has quite a bit of cheese and other dairy ingredients in it when I serve you up some “baby is coming or is here” meal. My sis who has kids recommended I check in to see if that might pose a problem at all with allergies or nursing. I’m foreign to all that so let me know any preferences! :)

    • Aww, thank you VERY much, lady! That is so kind of you to say. :) While the hubby and I DO love our dairy, Gwyneth had a sensitivity to it and it made her real gassy when I was nursing her… I mean, I don’t know if this little guy will, of course, but I suppose it’s better to be safe? That is extremely nice of you to even check!! I had forgotten about that!

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