Hormones and Sister Wives

I sit here in a puddle of tears as my darling daughter naps in her bed, trying to compose myself. I don’t exactly know what sparked these emotions, but I can’t get them to stop. I am about a week away from meeting our son, and this overwhelms me on various levels.

What if there are complications during his birth? What if he doesn’t come out healthy? What if the potential epidural leaves me paralyzed?

PPPpllleeeaaassse Lord, look out for our little family.

And then I think about our daughter. And how she only has a minuscule amount of time left as our only child. She is so perfect. She willingly gives us kisses and says words like “Awesome!” and “Oh gosh,” and “I. Love. You!” She is an independent little thing, which I am incredibly thankful for… but what if everything changes? What if she is so upset by the arrival of Little Man that she empties her love tank and becomes…. depressed? Do little people experience this sort of thing?

Will she refuse my kisses? Will she despise her new little brother?

We wanted our children close in age. We blessedly, were given our wish. We knew all along what we were getting ourselves into, but now that everything is so close to changing, I can’t help but feel for little Gwynnie.

If she asked for a pony right about now, she’d probably get it. Five pounds of cookies? You got it, Toots. Your own playground at the park? I’ll build it for you..

My hope is that since Gwyneth loves her baby dolls so much, that she too will love her little brother and that she will continue to laugh, love and fill our lives with an infinite amount of happiness, and vice versa.

Every time I peek at her sleeping, there they roll again.

I ran into a friend at the grocery store yesterday, and she brought up an analogy I hadn’t thought about before from a book she is currently reading (I apologize for not remembering the title of the book). In comparison to what Gwyneth may be feeling once Little Man is born…she said imagine that your husband came home and told you that because he loves you SO much, that now he is going to bring home another one. A new, additional wife. And everyone is going to think this new wife is so cool and pretty, they are always going to want to spend time with her, and they will constantly be asking you, “Don’t you just love your husband’s new wife? Isn’t she just great!”

And what are YOU going to think???

“Uhhh, HELL NO! Get that lady (or, fill in the blank) out of here!!!”

Unless you want to be a Sister Wife, that is.

Just think…. YOU could be a part if THIS!
More to love, right??

This story really hit home for me. So, my request is, if you see little Gwynnie after our Little Man is born, will you be sure to really love on her? Maybe even “OOoO and Aahhhh” at her a little bit, preferably first?

That would really make my heart warm. And hers too.

Man, I love that girl.

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