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Welcome Calvin John!

We are so proud to welcome Calvin John Morscheck into our little family! He was born at 9:20 am on March 29, 2012 weighing 8 pounds, 5 ounces and he is 20 inches long. LOVE this little guy! We are all doing great and enjoying our luxurious stay at the hospital!

Still….. pregnant. Or am I?

So I have discouraging news. I’M STILL PREGNANT!!! We called the birthing center back at noon, as instructed, and were told that they are still full. So what did that mean for us? Wait. So we did. And we waited some more. And even some more. Then they said they’d call us in the morning. […]


It’s TIME!!!! AHHH!!!! No, I am not sitting here in agonizing pain busting out a blog. I had a doctor appt. tonight (last night) and was informed that I am now 5 cm dilated (Holy cats!) and she doesn’t want to wait much longer, so tomorrow morning (today) I am being induced! I couldn’t believe […]

All The Pregnant Ladies

So…… I’m still pregnant. I came across this video a few months back and just watched it, once again, laughing hysterically. You GO GIRL! Video Source#! What do you think? Should this be my water-breaking dance???

The Story of Gwyneth’s Birth and Happy Due Date To Me!

Gwyneth’s due date came and went. I thought for sure she would be early, so I was quite anxious as the days passed and I continued to clean my already clean home. There wasn’t any more laundry to do. The bathrooms were clean, the house dusted, and anything else I could think of had been […]

Gwyneth’s Birth Video :)

This was one of the best gifts I have ever received. I cherish nothing more than memories…. and since I have a HORRIBLE memory myself, pictures and videos rock my world. There is nothing graphic, I promise. While Gwyneth’s birth is still so fresh in my mind, I have (slightly) forgotten the work it took […]

Boy, I am one emotional pregnant lady. This is the second time this week that I have broken down. And this time it was from a dang TV show! And I am a little embarrassed to admit that the TV show was Desperate Housewives. One of the housewives’ husbands, who was an all-around great husband, […]

Strange Eating Habits

My eating habits have changed dramatically since having a child. First, I used to sit down for a meal. Like, at an actual table with CHAIRS. Second, all parts to my meal would be on the plate at once, and I would even have a coordinating beverage. Lastly, I would eat my meal, uninterrupted, until […]

Hormones and Sister Wives

I sit here in a puddle of tears as my darling daughter naps in her bed, trying to compose myself. I don’t exactly know what sparked these emotions, but I can’t get them to stop. I am about a week away from meeting our son, and this overwhelms me on various levels. What if there are complications […]

Our Mommy-Daughter Weekend

I tend to create scenarios in my mind, and then become incredibly disappointed when they don’t pan out as planned. Something I need to work on. The last couple months have been pretty busy with baby showers, mini trips, visiting family, check lists, etc., but this past weekend was free until I marked it down […]