What I Expected, What I Found, and What Really Went Down.

I feel a little guilty for thinking/feeling the way I did… but I was kind of hoping to come home from my weekend away to find the house a little messed up, the dishes in the sink, toys strewn about the house, sippy cups crusty with milk, our bed unmade, etc. Though I probably would have also been a little peeved, what this would have told me was that I was missed. That the hubby and daughter barely got by without me.


Instead I came home to an immaculately clean house. Dishes not only clean, but put away. Not a toy out of place. Not an ITEM out of place. All floors mopped. All trash taken out. Our bed was made like it should be in a hotel. The door to our broken cabinet was fixed and re-attached, my dust buster was finally hung on the wall in the laundry room, he even USED my dust buster and CLEANED MY CAR. One of the projects I hadn’t started yet for Baby Boy’s room….. almost…..done. And to top it off…. roses on the kitchen table.


And then he made dinner.  And fed Gwyneth dinner while doing it.

UGH! What the !?!

While I was floored, trying to pick my jaw up off the ground, I was incredibly thankful,  a little shocked….. and sad.

As the night went on, the hubby referred to himself as “Super Mom.” I had to hand it to him. He sure was one hell of a super mom. Was it really that easy for him? Was it smooth sailing the entire time?  Sooooo many questions were flooding my mind.

As the night progressed, a little tidbit of information was leaked…

The hubbs mentioned that he was tired.

“What’s that you say!?” I quickly chimed in. “Tired? Boy, you must be with all you have done around here………”

After a couple minutes of poking and prodding, I FINALLY got him to break down.

He admitted that the house had certainly not been that clean the entire weekend, in fact, it was a disaster until Monday morning before he came to pick me up. He felt like he didn’t get a break the entire time, he didn’t have ANY extra time to do anything he wanted to, and he was EXHAUSTED!

He then asked me how in the world I grocery shop with Gwyneth and was begging to know my secret. He also vowed to never use the self-checkout line again.

Yaaaaaaaaaahooooooo! THANK YOU!!!! Music to my ears!!!! Hallelujah!!! Woooooo hoooOOO!

Cruel… a little. But this Mama just wanted to feel a little appreciated, and after the truth came out and he professed how much he missed me and was glad I was home, this girl was one happy, appreciated camper.

Now Hubbs, don’t take this confession as an excuse to slack off around here to “show me how much you need me” because it just aint gonna work. :)

Glad to be home. :) But heck, maybe I should leave town more often if I get to come home to this!!!


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