"Tonight, On The Bachelor…"

Once again, I enjoyed another memorable evening with my husband watching The Bachelor, or “The Bach” as we like to call it.

I realize not everyone watches this show, but those of you who do might know what I am talking about in regards to Monday night’s episode.

Here are our thoughts throughout the show:

On Ben’s first date in Switzerland with Nicki, though we call her “Texas” because we can can’t seem to remember her name, you’ll never guess what they did…… They went on a…NOTHER freakin’ helicopter ride! What is this, the 28th time Ben has been in a helicopter this season? He’s got to be sick of them by now…

Has anyone else noticed HOW MUCH Ben and his women say “Right?” It’s constantly, “I know, right?” “Right!!” “Today was an incredible day.” “Right!?!?” “You’re so right!” “No, YOU’RE so right!” It’s a continuous “Right right” loopdy loop and it’s dang annoying!

Then the hubby asks, “How many farts do you think he [Ben] held in over the show? His stomach must be upset the whole time.”

And of course they also give the close-up shots of Ben kissing his ladies, and this gets the hubby and I every time. Ben has, what we like to call, the “Grouper Lip .” His bottom lip swallows the mouth of his ladies and we can’t help but laugh at this, even to the point where we are mimicking the Grouper Lip kiss to one another from across the room, and then demonstrating our impression of it on one another a midst  a sea of giggles.

A Grouper fish

Exhibit A

                                               Exhibit B

We also think it’d be quite comical if they all caught Mono from all of the spit swapping they do.

Man, we love this show!


  1. Hi its Joanne, I love your blog! Oh and I had to comment because I totally agree with everything you said about the bachelor this season! :)

    • Hey Joanne!
      Thank you so much for the kind words! While we aren’t totally “in love” with the cast this time around, it sure is a comical season! Thank you for your support!

  2. Holy crap that was funny…I never watched this show but at the beg of the season my SIL texted me and told me to watch it, so I did. I am hooked of course now, who cant help but sit and make fun of these people! I just do not see what all these women see in him…and Courtney…I love to hate her…I hope every week he does not vote her off just so I can watch her. She cracks me up with her bi*&$ness.
    Nice blog!


    • This comment has been removed by the author.

    • Hi KC,

      I know! We too are fairly new Bachelor watchers and have yet to be disappointed. Some of the people on that show are killer! Oh… Courtney. Wow. I am so curious how this all plays out since she has been all over the tabloids lately. I will say, my mouth dropped when he sent Kacie B home. She was just so smitten with him.. it was rather sad.
      Thank you for the kind words and support!


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