The Swimsuit Issue

For part of my husband’s 30th birthday, I ordered him a subscription to Sports Illustrated. This magazine comes once a week and he seems to enjoy them. Harmless, right?

One thing I completely forgot about when deciding to get this for him was The Swimsuit Issue. You know, the one that has nothing to do with sports, and instead features half-naked women caressing themselves on the beach.

I just happened to be the one who got the mail a few days ago and discovered the extra-thick mag. So when I walked in the door I thought I’d take a gander to see what the “fuss” was all about with this “special” issue.

“Athletes in Bodypaint”- OoOoo, you don’t say??
“Beauties and the Beats”- I am SURE is an interesting article.
“18 Models,” “150+ Photos,” and “6 Rookies”- Who could resist THAT!? Especially the gal with the skull and crossbones covering her hoo-ha??

Uhhhh, I know someone who definitely could!!!

 Well, normally such a thing wouldn’t really bother me, but this pregnant mama just doesn’t want these women staring back at her at this time. And she definitely doesn’t want them staring at the husband who has to live with this whale mama.

So, what did I do?

I threw it away. Yyyyyyeeeeeeep. Goodbye Kate Upton and your big mumbly jumblies. Audios Bar Rafaeli and “friends.” And sayonara naked girls slathered in body paint! P.S.- I could totally see your nips!  Not such a convincing paint-job now, eh? Or… was that the point?

The hubby didn’t even know the mag ever came in the mail. And still doesn’t. Well. He might now. But, I bought them, right?

I see no harm done here!

Happy Thursday!

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