Archives for February 2012

A Weekend Away

I am leaving today for Reno for my baby shower! Yahoo! And no, Gwyneth is NOT going with me… this Mama is flying solo!  I just pictured myself galloping through the airport because my husband believes in getting there JUST in time to catch the flight; 8 1/2 months pregnant; arms full of  a 30 […]

Baby Feeding Belly

I don’t think Gwyneth truly understands that a new baby is coming into our home in a matter of weeks. I mean, she will do some pretty cute things like kiss my belly, point to it and say “baby,” and give it a big squeeze, but as for truly comprehending that her life is about […]

Sumo Mama

My darling daughter. Ohhhhhhhhh, my darling, darling daughter. I went to coffee with my Silly Monkey recently, and as I was ordering I was holding Gwyneth in my arms when she pointed toward one of the shelves and said, “Mommy!” What was she trying to show me? Nothing seemed outrageously awesome, and the yummy treats […]

Cutest Baby Books … EVER.

Oh. My. Goodness. I just received Baby Boy’s new baby book in the mail and it is ADORABLE! I have struggled in finding just the right baby books for my little ones. They either look chintzsy, don’t include all of the info I would like, don’t have enough space for pictures, or don’t go as […]

DIY Chevron Lamp

I knew I wanted to put a lamp in Baby Boy’s room for those late nights when the overhead light is just too bright, but finding the right one that would coordinate with his room took a little searching. I found some nice ones online, but fell in love with the thought of a Chevron […]

Holy Savings! Stroller, Here I Come!

I bet I can get you more excited than you’ve been in a LONG time. I’m talking…… excited, excited. Prepare yourself, now. Did you know you can use multiple Bed Bath and Beyond coupons at once? You can only use one coupon per item, but if you are buying five items at one time, you can use […]

Bonding over Ben

Television used to be a hot topic in our household. Before we moved to Washington we had a TV in our bedroom,  as the hubby enjoyed watching it before bed, and even liked to fall asleep to it. I, on the other hand, can NOT sleep with the TV on at all. The bright picture, […]