From In-House to Dog House

As I have mentioned before, once we found out about Baby #2, the Hubby was kicked out of our spare bedroom/office. I thought he would be a little more disappointed than he was though. Instead, he took this news as a challenge and turned our old dog/tool shed into his new home office. I thought… “Ha! There is no way you are going to actually ‘work’ out there in the old dog house.” But, it was motivation enough for him to move everything out of the spare room, so I kept my trap shut.The hubby’s nesting project started with a family outing to Ace Hardware.

And this is what happened to our back yard for the next week.
This is what the inside looked like, except it had even been cleaned out a bit here. His “work shop” was on the left and the dog area was on the right. The summer before he had built himself a nice little work space with all of his tools neatly displayed on the wall and little nails and screws in baby food jars, but that all had to come down.
He put in insulation, dry wall (and whatever else goes into the process)…I tried to be enthusiastic and interested in what the hubby was doing here as he seemed truly excited about this project, but I am such a visual person and I just couldn’t see it yet.
Put in some flooring…
Painted the walls TWO-TONED! Cut a tall bookshelf in half so he could use two smaller ones on both sides…
Not the best shape on the outside…
But sure nice on the inside!
He built some shelves and a desk (to be stained later) and is one happy camper. He even put in a nice little lamp and heater. I certainly did not give the man enough credit. He actually DOES work out here and it turned out quite nice. Such a handy man.

It warms my heart that the Hubby is just as excited as I am for Baby Boy to arrive and is willing to help prepare for his arrival. Although his new office isn’t ideal, it works great for now and allows our children to have their own rooms.

Even though this is my husband’s “office/man cave” I have managed to sneak a few items in there like my sewing machine and Cricut. What’s his is mine…. right??? :) Shhhhhh……

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