Code Red

A new rule has been implemented in our household.

The hubby has requested that I no longer “wake him up.” Of course I never intentionally try to wake him up, but on occasion it just happens.

For example: Hubby is laying in bed and we are chatting away. He then turns over to get comfortable, and 1-2 minutes later, I remember something else in relation to the topic we were just discussing and I bring it up. Now, he usually sleeps with his headphones on, so I assume he just can’t hear me. This is when I lean over, give a little shake nudge, and repeat what I have just said.

Well apparently in the last 120 seconds, the hubby has fallen into a dead sleep, and I have just woken him up. Uhhhhhhhh??? Really??? We were JUST talking! It takes me A LOT longer to fall asleep, so it is just hard for me to relate to this.

Example number 2: The hubbs is watching something on TV while I am cooking in the kitchen (something wrong with this picture?) and again, we are chatting away. It is quiet for a few minutes, and during this time I think of something to ask him. So, I walk over to the living room asking my question, and again… apparently I have woken him from hibernation.

HUH!?!? How am I supposed to know when your narcolepsy sets in!?

So, about a week ago a new rule was created. 

The hubby is going to inform me when he is falling asleep by saying “Code Red,” in which I am to quietly whisper, (if I have something to say) “My dearest Love, are you awake?” And if he hasn’t quite fallen asleep, then he will respond, but if he has, then I am not to awaken him from his slumber.

I couldn’t help but giggle at this request, as I can see how it would be annoying to be woken up once finally asleep, and his request of how I “gently” see if he is awake is comical. So, this is what we have been doing. So far, the hubby is pleased, and it is a small gesture that I can do to make his life more pleasant. :)

I think I will add to the rule myself now that I think about it… a few things the hubby can do to not awaken me.

1.) No more dolphin flipping in the middle of the night. How about trying a gentle roll to the other side? Eh?
2.) After getting up in the middle of the night to pee, how about gently slipping back into bed? I just don’t think the three foot leap into bed from the bathroom is necessary.
3.) Please keep those heat-lamp legs off of me. This big mama is already hot enough. All cold tootsies welcome, though.

I think that’ll do it! Thanks, Love!


Coincidentally, the hubby came home two nights ago from his basketball game, and he was all fired up. I was already in bed, lights out, seemingly asleep, and he rushes in and loudly asks about one foot from my face, “Code Red or Code Green!?”

No answer. (Yes, I heard him…but I was pretty groggy and I kind of wanted to see what he’d do.)

“Bun, Code Red or Code Green!?!?”

He was like a little kid asking if he could go open presents Christmas morning.

(Mumble, Mumble, Mumble.) “How was your game, Love?”

Without skipping a beat he goes on and on about this guy and that guy, this move and that move, and was so full of energy and excitement that I wanted to share in the experience with him…. so I guess I was up. He didn’t whisper, or try to be gentle in any way. Instead, lights were turned on and he was continually talking while pacing back and forth from the kitchen (slamming cupboards while making food) to the bedroom.

Now, how do you think he would have reacted if I had done the same thing?

MmmMM Hmmmm. I guess I am always in Code Green. :)


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