A Side of Ketchup, Please.

My friends, and even Mother, keep insisting on how wonderful the crock pot is. I have very few encounters with this thing and the meals I have made from it have turned out rather, well just plain bad.

A few years ago when I was newly pregnant with my daughter, I had a strong aversion to meat. My poor husband. All he wanted when he came home from work from his new bride was a hot meal consisting of that protein in which I despised. Not to worry, though, as I found a fabulous macaroni and cheese recipe on the internet that was sure to satisfy any “hungry man.” Cheese is a protein, right?

I even purchased the expensive kind.

Six hours later, and voila! It was done! “How wonderful is THAT!?” I thought to myself. “A meal that prepares itself!” As my husband walked in the door I excitedly pulled out the dishes and strutted around the kitchen, proud of the domestic diva within.

I opened the lid to the crock pot and could have cried. There was nothing but a pile of mushy mac. Instead of those delicious al dente noodles smothered in gooey, stringy cheese, topped with golden brown bread crumbs, I had a pile of mashed potatoes. In fact, I would have preferred mashed potatoes to what consumed that pot. My husband, seeing the disappointment and frustration on my face, walked up to the counter, took one look in the pot, grabbed a spoon and dished himself a plate. He then preceded to the fridge where he grabbed the Ketchup and doused it on top of his mush.

He finished the entire plate.  I pleaded with him, telling him he did not need to eat that disaster, but he ate in silence, all the while looking at me with a smile in his eyes trying not to laugh at the situation.

That day started a pattern. Whenever my husband doesn’t care for something I have made, he lathers on the Ketchup. To give you an idea of the type of cook that I am, we always have a reserve bottle of the stuff in our pantry.

My last attempt from the crock pot was the dreaded P.P. (I cringe at writing it…. Pulled Pork) that I made when newly pregnant the second time around (See “The Belly… Exposed”). What is the lesson I have learned here? Crock pots and first trimesters don’t mix! If you have a fool-proof, delicious crock pot meal that you wouldn’t mind sharing, then please do. I am willing to give the thing another shot.

Here’s to a week with no Ketchup!


  1. My sweet friend,
    My crock pot and I are not friends either! I’ve basically used it as an extra pot in the past… throwing already cooked food in it to stay warm. I finally decided to get over my fear and make a new crock pot recipe last night (from Pinterest, obviously). I came home from church to find it COLD still. BOOOOO. (and yes, I did plug it in :) I think the breaker had switched or something on the plug I used. I just threw it in the microwave so we could eat quickly. Maybe I’ll give it another try someday…. maybe.

    Also, my sweet husband says “thank you for making dinner, please don’t make this again” Maybe I paraphrased a bit… but he makes it pretty clear when he’s not impressed, ha!

    • Oh Shan,
      That’s what I primarily use mine for too!

      I am SO glad I am not the only one here not a huge fan of the thing!

      Haha, well at least they’re polite and thank us for attempting to cook them a delicious meal!

  2. i like to put boneless skinless chicken breasts in with cream of chicken soup and then put it over rice when done. i put it in right before i leave for work, let it cook on low all day and it’s ready to go when i walk in the door afterward.


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