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"Tonight, On The Bachelor…"

Once again, I enjoyed another memorable evening with my husband watching The Bachelor, or “The Bach” as we like to call it. I realize not everyone watches this show, but those of you who do might know what I am talking about in regards to Monday night’s episode. Here are our thoughts throughout the show: […]

From In-House to Dog House

As I have mentioned before, once we found out about Baby #2, the Hubby was kicked out of our spare bedroom/office. I thought he would be a little more disappointed than he was though. Instead, he took this news as a challenge and turned our old dog/tool shed into his new home office. I thought… […]

A Side of Ketchup, Please.

My friends, and even Mother, keep insisting on how wonderful the crock pot is. I have very few encounters with this thing and the meals I have made from it have turned out rather, well just plain bad. A few years ago when I was newly pregnant with my daughter, I had a strong aversion […]

The Lock Out

Composed yesterday. My daughter just locked herself in our bedroom. I thought kids did this when they were like… FOUR… not 21 months! We were playing a little game where she would shut the door on me and we’d take turns yelling back and forth to one another. I’d then open the door, say “I […]

The Swimsuit Issue

For part of my husband’s 30th birthday, I ordered him a subscription to Sports Illustrated. This magazine comes once a week and he seems to enjoy them. Harmless, right? One thing I completely forgot about when deciding to get this for him was The Swimsuit Issue. You know, the one that has nothing to do […]

Code Red

A new rule has been implemented in our household. The hubby has requested that I no longer “wake him up.” Of course I never intentionally try to wake him up, but on occasion it just happens. For example: Hubby is laying in bed and we are chatting away. He then turns over to get comfortable, and 1-2 minutes […]

Homemade Snickers!

The way to my man’s heart is definitely through his tummy. So, for Valentines Day I made him homemade Snickers, and let me tell you… he was through. the. roof. He couldn’t believe I had made such a thing and that they “actually taste just like a Snickers!” Big smile! And while a little time […]

What I Expected, What I Found, and What Really Went Down.

I feel a little guilty for thinking/feeling the way I did… but I was kind of hoping to come home from my weekend away to find the house a little messed up, the dishes in the sink, toys strewn about the house, sippy cups crusty with milk, our bed unmade, etc. Though I probably would […]

A Mustache Bash Baby Shower!

Two of my best pals and mother threw a VERY cute and super fun shower this past weekend. The theme… A Mustache Bash! Adorable! Funny to watch people drink out of the cups! Bowtie place settings Diaper motorcycle! SO cute! LOVE this Favor tags Mustache Chocolate Pops flavored with raspberry and orange oil! Some of […]

A Weekend Away Part 2: Coming Back Home

(Composed throughout yesterday) I am heading back to Pullman today from my Weekend Away, and boy, I sure did pack in as much as I could while in Reno. To start, for those of you who read my last post, A Weekend Away, I thought I’d give a little update of how the travels actually went […]