The Belly…Exposed.

Here we goooooooooo…. AGAIN!

I took the pregnancy test on our Anniversary. I told the hubby I thought there could  be a possibility that I was pregnant and out the door he went at 9:00 at night. He came home with pee sticks, an Us Weekly and a tub of my favorite ice cream. We were either going to celebrate with gossip and calories or use the two to mourn with.

Nevertheless, we read and ate in joyful tears as the realization we were becoming a table for four began to set in.

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and have yet to take “Week 30”, but here is the journey my pregnancy has taken me thus far. It is very similar to the last go-round, so I really have minimal to complain about.

I started out with a ravishing 5-6 weeks of nausea and vomit.

Last time it was meat. Any meat. This time…. BBQ pulled pork. I attempted a new recipe in the Crock Pot for my loving husband. Seemed easy. A lump of pork, Dr. Pepper  and BBQ Sauce. Six hours later and I was puking. After consuming a small portion of the stuff, I needed it gone, and gone now. Hubby had to eat quickly and remove the rest from my line of sight. Forget cleaning the Pot either, or even throwing out the leftovers a few days later. I couldn’t even look toward the corner of the fridge in which it sat as I knew if I even looked at it I would be nauseous once again.
Therefore, no more BBQ in this house, or for any of us (sorry, hun) while in my presence; especially…. you know.. PP.

This is where I giddily woke up to pee 4-5 times a night!

This is also where I kicked the Hubby out of the office/spare bedroom and into the dog house. Literally, his office is now in our old dog shed. He actually made it pretty nice out there and refinished the thing. Insulation, dry wall, painted two-toned, and I was actually  impressed. I thought this was just his way of “nesting,” but it actually proved useful. Now, Baby’s room is empty and I can start my own kind of nesting.

That pregnancy glow? Maybe it was hiding behind the acne that I enjoyed for the next several weeks.

Emotional? I only cried after my loving husband made me toast. Burnt toast! With a testy tummy there isn’t much I could stomach and after patiently waiting on the couch trying not to heave, seeing a slightly overdone piece of toast being placed in front of me seemed tear-worthy.

He now knows I prefer my toast on setting “3”- Just below “3” actually, but not quite “2” with a nice coating of butter. Picky? Not usually.


That luscious, full head of pregnancy-hair you’re supposed to get? I saw it going down the drain…

Feeling pretty good here in the second trimester. Except for the fact that we could NOT decide on a name. GGGrrrrrr.…….This is a post in itself.

 MmMm… Cheetos. Though I never felt I “craved” anything… I sure did enjoy Cheetos around this point and the hubby ACTUALLY went out and bought them when I mentioned that they sounded good.

The last time I was pregnant I didn’t have cravings either, but wanted so badly for my husband to run out to the store at 2 am for “pickles and ice cream” to satisfy his pregnant wife’s cravings. And I wanted so badly for those pickles and ice cream to be the BEST things I had ever eaten, making it all worthwhile.

So, without the actual “cravings” part, I thought I’d test the Hubby. At 10 pm, I asked him for some yogurt and granola (which I knew we were out of) and when he checked the fridge for it and told me it was gone, he got back into bed.
I just gave him “the look.” After blankly staring back at me for a few seconds, I then asked if he would go get some.

“You mean, right now” he squeaked? (Sorry hun, it wasn’t a squeak, it was a manly grunt-of-a-sound.)

“Yes, please” I said with an angelic, loving smile on my face.

After hesitating for a minute, he got out of bed and said “Okay, I am going now……….. be back soon” and I could hear him wrestling around in the living room for his keys. He then walked outside and shut the door. Meanwhile, I sat up in bed with a snicker on my face, because about a minute later he walked right back inside and into our room and laughingly squawked (manly squawk),

“You were really going to let me go!?”

Laughing hysterically, I quickly informed him that no, I wasn’t REALLY going to let him go, that it was just a test, until I noticed that when he got out of bed he was only wearing his t-shirt and boxer shorts and never put on his usual basketball shorts, in which I knew he really wouldn’t leave the house without. So, I let him put on his little charade, knowing he was (trying) to test ME. Bwah ha ha! You can’t fool this girl! The look on his face was priceless.

Anywho, when the Hubby came back with Cheetos (for real, this time) and I hadn’t even really requested them… I knew it was love. :) Sigh…

This is the week where we found out what we are having. It’s no surprise now that we are having a boy, but the way we found out was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. It could, and probably should, be its own entry.

Eew, this was a sluggish day
I totally used this “hot bod” to get out of TWO speeding tickets. And I wasn’t even the one driving! The Hubby got pulled over TWICE within ten minutes on the way home from our Christmas shopping trip. TWICE!!! So, what did I do? Stuck out “the bod.” Who could give a ticket to a man who had to deal with that hormonal ball of fury all day? You’re welcome. Zero tickets.

Super! Baby Boy enjoys drop-kicking my organs! I even think he reached my boob at one point too. Rascal. Definitely keeping me awake during the night. Hopefully he is getting it all out now and is calm and mellow upon arrival. Right?

The Hubby ACTUALLY complained that the baby was “moving too much” for him as we were laying in bed.  He could feel the kicks through my stomach and onto his back and had to adjust to “get comfy.” Really?  REALLY!? Why don’t I just give that a shot too??

(Insert Week 30 Here)   The hubby has been incredibly wonderful this week. Because Baby Boy has been so active at night, I have had a difficult time sleeping. We didn’t get to bed until after Midnight last night as Hubby was in the “dog house” working and I was trying not to flick my belly with a vengeance. Without a single grunt, sigh, or complaint he has gotten up with our Silly Monkey and has changed, fed, and played with her until I could manage to peel myself out of bed. He’s done this the entire week. Boy do I love that man.

I am truly thankful for how my pregnancy has gone so far and hope the journey continues smoothly into the home-stretch. It seems surreal that he will be here in approximately ten weeks as I have so much I want to complete before meeting him. That’s just how I am, though.

Happy Friday!


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